New art and tech report reveals collectors crave communication


Art on display at the 2020 Frieze Los Angeles Art Fair in Los Angeles, California. MARK RALSTON / AFP via Getty Images

In the past calendar year, as the pandemic raged and residents of the art world retreated to their homes, online auctions and remote collection have become both the norm and a pass. truly lucrative time. While many in the art world crave the energy of big fairs, the thrill of a gallery opening, and the burden of haggling over an exquisite canvas in person, the innovations of the world have happened at times. of digital art are also here to say. A new report from ART + TECH Collector’s Edition found that 80% of their collectors had purchased art online at least once, and 9 in 10 collectors preferred to see the prices displayed when they purchased art online.

This, of course, makes a lot of sense. In a world where many are used to the transparent efficiency of services like Amazon Prime, the art world’s often opaque attitude to price transparency can seem outdated and out of place. Likewise, the collectors interviewed the ART + TECH survey said galleries should streamline their websites to make them more compatible with the age of digital browsing and shopping. If people fall in love with something, they want to do it quickly.

Interestingly, 78% of survey respondents who had purchased artwork online had not physically seen the artwork prior to making the purchase, but this seems consistent with how other products are bought and sold these days; even animals can be purchased online.

However, as successful as digital innovations in the art world, 2/3 of users in all sales formats surveyed by ART + TECH said they would benefit from some form of personal, real-time communication during the art buying process. After all, no matter how well designed a website is, it is no match for a knowledgeable gallery employee with a winning smile and time to kill.

New art and tech report reveals collectors crave personal communication


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