17 Easy Korean Soup Recipes (2024)

Do you have nourishing, comforting Korean soup recipes on your mind? I certainly do!

Korean soup recipes touch on all the flavors to create brothy concoctions that soothe the soul.

17 Easy Korean Soup Recipes (1)


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Whether you’re daydreaming of spicy ramen noodles or an umami hot pot, there’s a Korean soup recipe on this list to satisfy your tastebuds.

Oh, and I highly encourage soup slurping here. After all, it’s a sign of appreciating good food in Korean culture.

So go on, slurp away!

1. Samgyetang (Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup)

Samgyetang is a summertime favorite that invigorates the body and the soul.

This soup features a whole, small chicken that’s stuffed with sweet rice, garlic cloves, dried jujubes, ginkgo nuts, and Korean ginseng.

For a fresh and funky twist, top your bowl with chopped green onions and a spoonful of kimchi.

2. Red Bean Soup

This popular Korean dish is traditionally eaten on the winter solstice for good luck.

But you don’t have to wait until the new year to eat this appetizing meal!

This soup features sticky rice cake balls and a red bean mash. For garnish, a sprinkle of sugar will do the trick.

The result is an earthy, sweet, creamy porridge that would be great for breakfast or dinner.

3. Korean Spinach Soup

Not all Korean soups require long hours of cooking. Fast and easy, Korean spinach soup comes together in less than 30 minutes.

Fresh spinach balances browned beef for a simple, heartwarming bowl. Spice it up with a splash of chili oil or drizzle of Sriracha.

4. Jeongol (Mushroom Hot Pot)

When I dream of authentic Korean soup, this is precisely what I envision.


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Jeongol, a Korean hot pot, is a feast of veggies bathed in a tantalizing broth that cooks right at your table.

To build this recipe, you’ll toss all your raw veggies into a shallow pot and pour in steaming vegetable broth.

You can choose from an assortment of mushrooms, but I prefer oyster mushrooms for their savory taste.

5. Dduk Guk (Korean Rice Cake Soup)

Dduk guk is a bowl of heavenly umami bliss. This Korean rice cake soup incorporates all the flavors you want in one big yummy bowl.

Ingredients include salty seaweed, melt-in-your-mouth beef brisket, and soft omelette slices.

However, the real secret is in the sauce. You’ll want to use Korean soup soy sauce, which is lighter in color and saltier in flavor.

6. Korean Spicy Ramen Soup

I can’t pass up a steaming hot Korean spicy ramen. It’s umami, spicy, and carb satisfying all in one bowl.

This crave-worthy recipe features tender pork belly and soft-boiled eggs in a spicy kimchi and gochujang broth.

Grab the chopsticks and slurp away. This one is hard to resist.

7. Kongnamul Guk (Soybean Sprout Soup)

Kongnamul guk is perfect for when you want a light gut-healing soup.

This recipe calls for crunchy soybean sprouts and a flavorful anchovy broth. The simplicity gives the soup a clean, nourishing flavor.

Pair the soup with a heartier meal or eat it by its lonesome. It’s the perfect recipe for when you want a nutritious choice.

8. Kimchi Soup with Canned Tuna

Not sure what to make with that lonely can of tuna? Well, have I got the recipe for you!

Kimchi soup with canned tuna is spicy, savory, and incredibly tasty. It’s also packed with probiotics and protein.

Simply add your ingredients to a large pot and boil. Dinner will be ready in no time.

9. Kimchi Ramen

If you’re not adding kimchi to your ramen you’re missing out! Kimchi is a Korean staple that takes ramen to the next level.

Besides kimchi, this ramen melds umami mushrooms, firm tofu, and my favorite, jammy eggs.

All you’ll need to decide is whether to use beef, chicken, or veggie broth.

10. Korean Beef Noodle Soup

Slurp-worthy doesn’t even begin to describe this bowl of deliciousness.

This mouthwatering soup is full of shredded short rib, glass noodles, chopped bok choy, and sliced shiitake mushrooms.

It also wouldn’t be complete without a drizzle of fish sauce.

Protein-rich and chock full of veggies, this rich soup will satisfy your umami cravings.

11. Korean pumpkin porridge (Hobakjuk)

What better way to enjoy a brisk autumn day than with a thick bowl of Korean pumpkin porridge?

Also known as hobakjuk, this pumpkin soup is oh-so-creamy and velvety smooth.

To make, you’ll need to puree pumpkins then top with chewy rice cake balls for a Korean twist.

12. Korean Beef and Radish Soup

Eating healthy can be hard during the winter months. That’s why I love this beef and radish soup!

The daikon radishes are a welcome burst of freshness. Meanwhile, the bone-suckingly good beef short ribs satisfy your comfort food cravings.

Try it the next time you want healthy comfort food.

13. Beef Short Rib Soup

For the times I crave a rich, satiating Korean soup I opt for this recipe.

Thick cuts of beef short ribs are left to simmer with onions and garlic to develop an unbelievable complex flavor.

It’s a flavor so good, you’ll want to make a big batch so you can enjoy leftovers.

14. Kimchi Stew with Tomatoes

You haven’t lived until you’ve tried this kimchi soup. It’s hearty, cozy, and bursting with flavor.

The combination of rich tomato sauce and tangy kimchi meld together impeccably.

You can add in a hunk of seared pork butt for a heartier stew. Or just opt for tofu to keep it vegetarian-friendly.

15. Cabbage Soybean Paste Soup

If you have a hankering for umami, this cabbage soup is for you. This recipe calls for not only Korean soybean paste but miso paste, too.

While miso isn’t a traditional Korean ingredient, it adds a deep layer of salty tanginess.

This makes for the ideal umami flavor to compliment the lean strips of beef and mound of mild cabbage.

16. Kongbiji Jjigae (Ground Soybean Stew)

Kongbiji is a comforting stew that features creamy soybeans. While that may not sound like much, don’t let this ingredient fool you!

Earthy, nutty soybeans are the perfect base to build deep flavors.

Layers of spicy gochugaru, kimchi, ginger, and pork shoulder meld beautifully with this legume, all of which results in an incredibly flavorful stew.

17. Seolleongtang (Ox Bone Soup)

Sip your way to health with seolleongtang. This ox bone soup is rich in nutrition as well as taste.

Ox bones are left to boil until they produce a remarkably creamy, milky broth.

Pour yourself a piping hot bowl and pair it with a side of rice or glass noodles if you like.

17 Easy Korean Soup Recipes (2)

17 Easy Korean Soups

These Korean soup recipes are just the thing to warm your soul! From chicken to red bean to ramen, bring an authentic taste of Korea to your table with these soups.


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17 Easy Korean Soup Recipes (3)

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17 Easy Korean Soup Recipes (2024)


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