Embrace Your Inner Child at TOYCON 2022


Whether it’s that paper boat made out of scrap paper or a limited-edition collectible, a toy will always be a powerful memory-catcher.

Over the weekend, many of my childhood memories flooded in as I checked out every venue at what is being labeled as the nation’s biggest pop culture event. The Philippine Toys, Hobbies and Collectible Convention or TOYCON is actually Asia’s largest and oldest convention for toys and collectibles, cosplay, comics, games and digital entertainment.

When you enter the three-day event, you’ll find yourself surrounded by toy collectors and aficionados nationwide.

Modern Action Figures of Voltes V

TOYCON 2022 is indeed a grand celebration of pop culture and a showcase of toys, games, movies, anime, cosplay, and collectibles. It was exciting to meet the best toy creators, artists, designers and celebrities in one place.

TOYCON 2022 was held at SM Megamall’s Megatrade Halls from July 8-10, Friday-Sunday. For the 19th year of the convention, the iconic Japanese character Voltes V once again took center stage. This was part of a promise made by Smart Signature Ambassador and world renowned Filipino artist and toy designer Quiccs in 2019 to launch TEQ-63, his new line of branded toys in the Voltes V style.

“Darna” features Joshua Garcia (left) and Jane De Leon

The story of Voltes V is the story of a family divided, of struggles endured and survived, and of a reunion of love. TOYCON is exactly like that. It is a personal reunion with each childhood experience. For the organizers of the event, this year meant a return to basics. The convention is back where it all began in terms of location. Nostalgia and familiarity took over.

This year, some of the highlights of the event included the largest exhibition of Voltes V licensing and merchandise in conjunction with Telesuccess Productions Inc., celebrity appearances by stars of GMA’s Voltes V Legacy and ABS’ Darna -CBN, Funko Funatics Philippines’ release of exclusive and celebrity signings, the region’s top toy studios and designers on display, TOYCON Creator’s Alley (where top Filipino toy designers meet up-and-coming creators), Artist Alley ( top comic artists in the country have signed and drawn), TOYCON Collectors’ Gallery, Toy Art and Customization Contest, ToyClick and Cosclick Photography Contest, TOYCON Cosplay Contest and World Cosplay Summit, Collectors’ Roundtables and customizers, the Pinoy Pop Culture Icon Awards and more than 250 collectibles stalls.

The cast of GMA’s “Voltes V: Legacy”

The online sales seminars, live auctions and live broadcasts of Lazada and Smart Signature’s NFT workshops have recently been introduced into the annual tradition. The conference featured President, CEO and CTO of BYC Inc. (Bayanichain) and Hacktiv Colab Inc. founder Paul Soliman and Quiccs who shared insider scoops on his NFT game BulletPunk BitWars. It was truly a well-rounded event that went beyond the thrill of being with other toy-stunned adults.

Personally, I embrace TOYCON as an annual treat for myself. As a popular George Bernard Shaw quote says, “We don’t stop playing because we get old. We get old because we stop playing.

Cosplayers enjoying TOYCON 2022

This year’s toy convention was organized by VLAC Event Management Inc. and co-presented by Lazada and Smart Signature.

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