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Professionals in the sector tend to validate this observation. Indeed, according to their figures the “credit conso” shows signs of good health. Between the summer of 2017 and that of the current year, institutions specializing in consumer credit have unlocked some 42 billion euros to individuals. Not surprisingly, personal loans are primarily boosted by auto financing.

In fact, the automotive sector can count on the attractiveness of leasing purchases starting with lease with a purchase option (+ 17.9% of production). Although repayment payments are replaced by rents, this financing remains a form of consumer loan. The French quickly adopted the LOA in relation to conventional car loans. However, many comparisons conducted by consumer magazines show that auto credit remains advantageous in many cases.

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/ May 07, 2019

An easy online payday loan -Consider us if you need a loan with bad credit

Do you want to borrow an amount of 1000 euros? There is a possibility to borrow money from loan providers on the internet. Although you may not expect it, there are many ways to still be able to borrow if you do not meet the requirements that regular loan providers such as banks say. For…


/ Apr 24, 2019

Mortgage or Cash: What is the difference, what better to choose?

The banking services market is currently very extensive. Various banks attack us with advertisements in various forms, consultants accuse us of proposals. The campaigns concerning the sale of all loans in various varieties and cash loans are always particularly intense. However, when there is a new shopping plan and we want to borrow money, the…


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