Winner of the Best Saltwater Taffy in Ocean County

This week, we took your votes at home for the local candy store that YOU think has the best saltwater taffy here in Ocean County. I think we can all agree that when you think ‘summer’ and ‘candy’ you probably think ‘saltwater taffy’. It’s just a Jersey Shore story… ..

In case you missed it, here’s a quick recap of what is believed to be the birth of the sweet and sticky treat here in New Jersey… ..According to Bulk candy store, the saltwater taffy originated in Atlantic City in the 19th century. According to the Bulk Candy Store website, the caption goes like this… David Bradley, who owned a candy store, was flooded in a major storm in 1883. All of Mr. Bradley’s taffy was soaked in salt water of the Atlantic Ocean. A young girl then came and asked him if he had any taffy to sell. Mr. Bradley jokingly offered her “saltwater taffy”. After tasting a bite, the girl bought the candy. Bradley’s mother was in the back of the store and overheard the whole conversation. She liked the name “saltwater taffy,” and that’s what it was called now. Now that you know the “background”, let’s see how our investigation went with you at home….

Based on YOUR votes at home, here are the TOP 5:

  1. Berkeley Sweet Shop – Seaside Heights
  2. Lucille’s – Beach Haven
  3. Jenkinson’s – Point Pleasant Beach
  4. Stutz Candy – Boat bottom
  5. Van Holten’s – Seaside Heights

Kudos to Berkeley Sweet Shop in Seaside Heights and thanks to YOU ​​at home for taking our survey 🙂 now let’s all go to our favorite candy store and buy some saltwater taffy… .. Happy summer!

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