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BARGAIN Hunt is a classic daytime TV show that asks contestants to find valuable items at antique fairs before reselling them for the biggest possible profit.

The show is presented by a selection of its experts – and fans can expect three more familiar faces to appear on their screens.

Who are the presenters of Bargain Hunt?

Roo Irvine


Arusha Irvine has joined the Bargain Hunt team.Credit: BBC

Arusha ‘Roo’ Irvine joined the Bargain Hunt team in 2019 as a pundit.

She made her debut on the show on Monday June 13, 2022, where she visited an antiques fair in Southwell, Nottinghamshire.

Irvine has previously appeared on Antiques Roadtrip, Flipping Profit and Celebrity Antiques Roadtrip as well as Mastermind and Pointless.

Joining Bargain Hunt as a presenter, Irvine said, “I love every second! Bargain Hunt has such a happy, laid back vibe and it depends on the contestants and the crew.

“It’s like a big family. They say ‘do what you love and you’ll never work a day again’ – that’s definitely me!”

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caroline hawley

    Bargain-hunting presenter Caroline Hawley


Bargain-hunting presenter Caroline HawleyCredit: BBC

Caroline Hawley was the second presenter to be announced, hosting her own show on Monday, June 27.

The antiques trade is not new to Hawley as she opened her first shop in South Cave in 1983 with her husband John.

Hawley joined Bargain Hunt as a pundit in 2013 and has previously appeared on Flipping Profit and Celebrity Eggheads.

Danny Sebastian

    Danny Sebastian has joined Bargain Hunt as a presenter


Danny Sebastian has joined Bargain Hunt as a presenterCredit: BBC

Danny Sebastian is an antiques expert who first appeared on Bargain Hunt in 2017 and has now joined as a presenter.

It is due to have its first broadcast in October, with episodes filmed in Harrogate.

Speaking about her decision to go into antiques, she said: “I was very lucky and worked with a great famous player in the antique game, then I saw an auction house full of mid-20th century equipment and I immediately knew antiques were for me.”

Sebastian has appeared on Celebrity Eggheads, Flipping Profit, Junk Rescue, Celebrity Mastermind and Susan Calman’s Antiques Adventure.

Christina Trevanion

    Christina is a presenter of Bargain Hunt


Christina is a presenter of Bargain HuntCredit: BBC

Christina, 41, is a British auctioneer and TV personality who founded the auctioneer and appraiser firm Trevanion & Dean alongside her business partner Aaron Dean.

His company holds monthly auctions of fine art, antiques and collectibles according to its website.

Recently, Christina took to social media to share that Trevanion Auctioneers and Valuers had reopened following the coronavirus lockdown.

Christina has worked in the antiques and auction business for over a decade, having worked at Christie’s, Halls and Hansons.

charlie ross

    Charlie Ross is a bargain-hunting presenter


Charlie Ross is a bargain-hunting presenterCredit: BBC Studios/Tim Holt

Charlie, 72, from Oxford, enjoyed a 50-year career in antiques and has since become an auctioneer.

His career in antiques began with an interest in vintage furniture and he later set up his own auction house.

Charlie is also the auctioneer of the famous Pebble Beach Classic Car Auction in California and the Scottsdale Car Auction in Arizona.

He often appeared on television to give his expert opinion on shows such as Flog It! and put your money where your mouth is.

In January 2016, he became one of four regular presenters on Bargain Hunt.

Eric Knowles

    Eric Knowles is a presenter of Bargain Hunt


Eric Knowles is a presenter of Bargain HuntCredit: BBC Studios/Neil Pollock

Eric, 69, is an antiques dealer from Nelson, Lancashire, whose main interest is ceramics.

Before entering television, he worked for the prestigious auction house Bonhams and in 1981 he was appointed head of their ceramics department.

His first television appearance was on the BBC’s The Antiques Roadshow and he has also appeared on Going, Going, Gone and Noel’s House Party.

Eric became one of the presenters for Bargain Hunt in 2016 and says his favorite part of the job is meeting contestants and guest experts.

Natasha Raskin Sharp

    Natasha Sharp is a presenter of Bargain Hunt


Natasha Sharp is a presenter of Bargain HuntCredit: BBC Studios/Eugene Keogh

Natasha, 36, is the youngest of all Bargain Hunt presenters with a passion for antiques and art.

She was born in Glasgow in 1986 into a family of art collectors with her father Philip Raskin being a successful artist.

After graduating from the University of Glasgow, Natasha joined McTear’s Auctions, specializing in contemporary art.

She has also appeared on Antiques Road Trip, Flog It! and even worked with Barack Obama during the primary election campaign in 2008.

Natasha says the best thing about being a Bargain Hunt presenter is traveling across the country to visit cities, towns and villages across the UK.

Who are the experts at Bargain Hunt?

Without Bargain Hunt experts helping teams separate treasure from trash, the show wouldn’t have the same effect.

Specialists include:

  • David Harper
  • Kate Bliss
  • Marc Stacey
  • Ben Cooper
  • Charles Hansson
  • Catherine Southon
  • Colin Young
  • Danny Sebastian
  • Gary Pe
  • John Cameron
  • Jonathan Prat
  • Ochuko Ojiri
  • Mark Ashley
  • Nick Hall
  • Paul Laidlaw
  • Raj Bisram
  • Philippe Serrell
  • Richard Madley
  • Thomas Forest
  • Tim Weeks

Who are the former presenters of Bargain Hunt?

When Bargain Hunt first hit screens in 2000, it was hosted by David Dickinson, which cemented its place as a daytime TV favorite.

In 2006 he was poached by ITV and Tim Wonnacott was given the role of presenter.

He led the program until 2015 when he left for personal reasons.

However, it was reported that the reason for his departure was after he had a heated argument with the producers.


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