Lakeland Antique Mall: Home to $ 50,000 Disney Vehicle

Dopey Vehicle for Sale at Lakeland Antique Mall | Photo courtesy of Lakeland Antique Mall

Lakeland Antique Mall (3530 US Hwy. 98 N.) is #Trending due to the sale of a Snow White’s Spooky Adventures $ 50,000 Race Vehicle. The vehicle’s price tag is stir statewide blanket tastes of Sean Daly at WTPV at Disney Blogs such as Inside the magic.

The now dark tower off, formerly located at Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, closed after 41 years, at May 31, 2012, after several renovations (including one in 1994 after customers have complained it was too scary).

Return photo from the spooky adventures of Snow White | Photo via @retrowdw

The vehicle was originally purchased at a Disney auction by a private collector based in Los Angeles after removed from the queue at Disney’s Magic Kingdom in the early 90s during a series of renovations. The reason being that new racing cars were updated with three rows of seats, and current vehicles contained only two.

Today the Princess Fairy Tale Room stands in its place, leaving the only variation of the ride on American soil, to Disneyland california, with other international restitutions in tokyo disneyland + Disneyland Paris.

For the ultimate disney superfan, the vehicle, named after Snow White’s dwarf, “Dope, “Is still on the market, if you can shell out $ 50,000.


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