IPL Auction 2022: Charu Sharma Continues IPL Auction Day 2 | Cricket News

MUMBAI: Charu Sharma, who replaced Hugh Edmeades after England’s original IPL auctioneer fell from the dais due to orthostatic hypotension or low blood pressure, continued to lead the IPL auction on the second day of Sunday.
“I’m so happy to report that Hugh Edmeades is feeling much better today, but has wisely agreed that the very capable @Charuonsports should continue to lead #IPLMegaAuction2022 today. My compliments go to Charu for his outstanding short term performance. term,” tweeted Richard Madley, who has conducted IPL auctions in the past.

Summoned by his ‘close friend’ IPL President Brijesh Patel to lead the IPL auction on Saturday in Bangalore in an emergency situation, Sharma, who was having lunch with guests at his home when the call came in, did a brilliant job.
His flawless show, despite the lack of time to prepare for what is a very critical job, earned Sharma a round of warm applause from all the franchisees at the end of the day.
It helped that he lived only 10-15 minutes from the five-star hotel where the auction was taking place.
“It really was ‘another day with the hammer’!” In all humility. Providence that I was so close. And that Brijesh is a good friend who knew my abilities in this area,” Sharma told TOI.
A well-known television commentator – he recently commentated at the Tata Maharashtra Open – Sharma has previously held auctions for sports leagues as well as artifacts.
He runs auctions for ‘Bid and Hammer’, an art gallery, in Bangalore. This, however, was perhaps the 62-year-old’s biggest challenge in his extensive 40-year career.


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