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DE 4500 THE DAILY PANTAGRAPH, BLOOMINGTON, FRIDAY, JULY 26, 1940. FIVE POPULARITY CONTEST Second and Third Winners Have Big Trip Awaiting Them Four Central Illinois girls are going to be guests at the New York city World's fair- they'll see the sights with all expenses paid. They'll be the girls who receive second and third place in the two popularity contests to elect "Miss Bloomington Area" and "Miss City of Bloomington." They will whisked away by train to the east coast, where they'll not only see New York city, but Philadelphia and Washington, D. six days with all expenses paid. Race Still Close.

Everybody's been talking the New York fair -the "Central Illinois girls are going to see exhibita of nations that no longer exist. They'll see the trylon and the perisphere, the Aquacade, magnificent gardens and fountains. Here's the trip of a lifetime waiting for the four girls who receive second and third largest number of votes in the two contests. In second place Thursday in the "Mia City of Bloomington" contest WAS Miss Bernadine Swibaker, 313 East Baker street, whose 94,000 votes put her close to the lead. Miss Marion DePew, 815 East Washington street, was in third place with 80,800 votes.

Miss Gerarda Wolff, 1403 West Grove street, stayed in the lead. Goes Into Second Place. Miss Lorca Weber of Cooksville went into second place Thursday In the "MisS Bloomington Area" contest, with 31,500 votes, and Miss Ruth Eisenberg of Hudson fell into third place with 30,200 votes. Miss Wilma Brewer continued to climb ahead in frat place with 40,800 votes. Get ballots when you pay in cash for purchases at any of the 61 stores cosponsoring the contest with The Pantagraph.

For every even dollar you pay, you'll receive a ballot entitling you to 100 votes. Sign the name of your favorite candidate on It and bring it personally, or mail It, to the ballot box in the lobby of The Pantagraph, You'll receive ballots on the same basis when you pay on accounts created on or before last June 1. Remember, you have only until 8 p. m. Saturday to nominate new POPULARITY LINEUP "Miss Bloomington Area" Contestants Miss Wilma Brewer, r.

r. .40,800 Miss Lorea Weber, Cooksville .31,500 Mine Ruth Eisenberg, 30,200 Miss Lorene Brady, Cooksville. .29,800 Miss Mary Bell Pitta, McLean 28,900 Miss Wanda da Davis, r. r. 1, Normal.

.21,900 Miss Irene Thompson, r. r. 3, .17,800 Miss Maxine Lewis, Gridley. ,700 Miss Martha Rets, 15,600 Miss Marie Gittinger, Meadows. .15,400 Miss Imogene Harmeson, Colfax.

.14,800 Miss Helen Wolff, .12,700 Miss Mary Stack, .12.600 Miss Florence Baker, r. r. 2, Bloomington. .10,300 Miss Litta Kinsella, Gridley. 8,800 Miss June Cruikshank, 7,700 Miss Mary Macy, Heyworth.

7,700 Miss Hilda Toepke, r. r. 4, Bloomington. 7,400 Miss Eloise Willan, 7,100 Miss Beatrice Ann Roberta, 6,700 Miss La Verne Young, 6,400 Miss Iola Stoops, Cooksville. 6,300 Miss Louise Simmons, r.

r. 3 5,800 Miss Viola Widmer, Congerville. 4,400 Miss Louise Enaminger, Heyworth. 3,100 Miss Helen Pumphrey, McLean. 3,100 Miss Kathryn Camille Switzer, Piper City.

3,000 Miss Mary Grace Risser, Danvers. 3.000 .000 Miss Leona Provin, r. Wapella. 3,000 Miss Mary Cook, r. r.

4, Bloomington. 2,900 Miss Imogene Schopp, Chenoa 2,500 Miss Lorene Eades, Leroy. 2,400 Miss Ruby Duke, 2,200 Miss Lucille Kemp, 2,200 Miss Helen Smith, Stanford. 2,200 Mica Pearl Harl, r. r.

2, Normal. 2,200 Miss Dorothy Hamilton, Carlock. 2,000 Miss Mae Belle Potter, Weston. 2,000 Miss Lillian Zimmerman, Carlock. 1,900 Miss Mildred Wahistrom, Ellsworth.

1,800 Miss Cleda Zoll, Carlock. 1,800 Miss Margie Ellen Lee, Randolph. 1,700 Miss Mildred Camelin, Long 1,700 Miss Maxine Terven, 1,600 Miss Marjorie Ainsworth, Mason City 1,500 Miss Ila Mae Bane, Arrowsmith. 1,500 Miss Josephine Streff, Loda 1,400 Miss Mary Carolyn Foster, 1,400 Miss June Abraham, 1,200 Miss Rowena Butler, Gridley. 1,200 Miss Eleanor Carpenter, Leroy.

1,200 Miss Geraldine Armstrong, 1,100 Miss Mary Blanche Schooley, Downs. 1,100 Miss Jean Sailor, McLean. 1,100 Miss Helene. Helmick, r. r.

1, Bloomington. 1,100 Miss Wanita Bishop, 1,000 Miss Bonnie Jean Kelly, Kempton. 1,000 Miss Myrtle Ory, Carlock. 1.000 Miss Ora Jean Dick, Saunemin. 1,000 Miss Betty Lannon, 1,000 Miss Grace Baldwin, 1,000 Miss Mildred Coddington, Atlanta.

1,000 Miss Fairy Graves, P. O. Randolph. 1,000 Miss Josephine Graham, Armington. 1.000 Miss Mildred Kindred, 1,000 Miss Louise Steinlicht, Sibley, 1,000 Miss Marjorie Bennett, Tremont.

1,000 Miss Louise Schyler, Tremont. 1,000 Miss Dorothea Hild, Tremont. 1,000 Miss Vivian Telford, Emington. 1,000 Miss Lucille Kamm, 1,000 Miss Helen Conroy, 1,000 Miss Helen Atkins, 1,000 Miss Naomi Cooper, Maroa. 1,000 Miss Jane Boundy, 1,000 Miss Eleanor Funk, Gridley.

1,000 Miss Martha Marie Zeigler, 1,000 Miss Marjorie Enns, Minier. 1,000 Miss Betty Follett, 1,000 Miss Betty Dolan, 1,000 Miss Ruth Wiseman, Heyworth. 1,000 Miss Elsie Fulton, Heyworth. 1,000 Miss Gladys Kaesebier, 1,000 Miss Virginia Florence Bowles, Bender, Emden. 1,000 1,000 00 Miss Miss Emily Lundgren, 1,000 Miss Dorothy Krueger, Rutland.

1,000 Miss Marjorie- Baker, .1,000 Miss Arlene Simpson, Saybrook. 1,000 Miss Emily Klemm, Waynesville. 1,000 Miss Hilma Frances Park, Rich, Waynesville. Waynesville. 1,000 1,000 00 Miss Miss Lucille Lahn, Meadows.

1,000 Miss Beatrice Jeanne Muzzy, 1,000 Miss Mary Dwyer, r. Odell. 1,000 Miss Ruth Speers, Odell. 1,000 Miss Anna Mae Schultz, 1,000 Miss Margaret Emma Baumann, r. Chenoa.

1,000 Miss Evelyn Schwager, 1,000 Miss Emma K. Bowers, Gibson City. 1,000 Miss Kathryn Camille Switzer, Piper City. 1,000 Miss Carolyn Helman, Piper City. 1,000 Miss Marjorie Peregrine, Piper 1,000 Miss Lucy Hornback, 1,000 Miss Lois Tilton, 1,000 Miss La Verne Esser, Washington.

1,000 Miss Lucille Gasaway, Leroy. 1,000 Miss Dona Jane Barnett, Hallsville. 1,000 Miss Ruby H. Burwell, r. r.

1, 1,000 Miss Barbara Jean Kindred, r. r. 1, Beason. 1,000 Miss Emilie Cullen, Pekin. 1,000 Miss Ruth Brueckner, 1,000 Miss Wilma Pantlen, 1,000 Miss Famah Hendren, Stanford, 1,000 West Side Square PINES smartwear HALF PRICE SALE! BETTER DRESSES Choice of the House $4 S6 $8 Values Values Values up, to up to up to $9.95 $14.95 $16.95 Our smartest models' our finest fabrics right in the middle of the season at half price or less in this final, store wide clearance.

JUNIOR'S-MISSES' AND LARGER SIZES BIG CHIEF WAHOO By Saunders and Woggon LOOK AT THOSE WE CAN'T STAY HERE! THERE'S A NARROW PIPE DOWN! SOMEBODY'S MONOGRAMS, CHIEF ZORENA WALK IN LEDGE ON THE WALL COMING INTO ZORENA'S ROOM! WE'RE IN THE EMPRESS AT ANY MINUTE! WAIT! UNDER THIS WINDOW! ZORENA'S BOUDOIR! LOOK THIS! WE'D BETTER CLIMB UGH! HEAP DARK! BOUDOIR? OUT ON IT- TILL SHE WONDER WHAT'S LOOK JUST LIKE GOES TO DOWN THERE UNDER BED -ROOM SLEEP AND us, THE COAST IS STEVE? CLEAR! 00 4.: V. On. 17-26 Syndicate candidates for the contest. Enter her name on the blank that will appear Friday, and Saturday In The Pantagraph. Upon entry she will receive 1,000 votes- only 1,000, no matter how many entry blanks are turned in.

You have only until Saturday night to nominate a candidate, but voting will be hot and heavy until Aug. 24! Miss Miss Esther Patricia Bassingham, Loda. 1,000 Goodell, 1,000 Miss Frances Bloomstrand, Loda. 1,000 Miss Mildred Watson, Ludiow. 1,000 Miss Agnes Quinian, 1,000 Miss Mary Blanche Schooley, 1.000 Miss Mary Doyle, Ellsworth.

1,000 Miss Virginia Estes, Melvin. 1,000 Miss Ruth Strelluf, Melvin. 1,000 Miss Marcia Houseworth, Mason 1,000 Ming Mary Louise Brooks, Mason 1,000 Miss Patricia McCreery, Mason 1,000 Miss Edna Hubbard, Mason City. 1,000 Miss Mary Kay Dodson, Mason 1,000 Miss Willa Mae Zimmerman, Mason City. 1,000 Miss Marianna Strawn, 1,000 Miss Dorothea Jean Baker, Dana.

1,000 Miss Ruby Lane, Long Point. 1,000 Miss Betty Lamp, Long Point. 1,000 Miss Wanneta Stokes, Long 1,000 Misa Martha Ann Benjamin, r. r. 1,000 Miss Mary Hendricks, Minonk.

1,000 Miss Mary Pearson, 1,000 Miss Betty Drefs, Eureka. 1,000 Miss Marietta Laing, 1,000 Miss Mary Grace Risser, 1,000 Miss Joan O'Brien, 1,000 Miss Virginia DeLong, 1,000 Mira Minerva Gross, Easton. 1,000 Miss Elleen Lucas, Easton. 1,000 Miss Rita Riecks, Anchor. 1,000 Miss Eileen Grosse, Anchor.

1,000 Miss Audrey Cumpston, Anchor. 1,000 Miss Dorothy Mae Keys, r. r. 1 Beason. 1,000 Miss Hildegarde Meyer, r.

r. 1, Beason. 1,000 Miss Dorothy Werth, r. r. 2, Beason.

1,000 Miss Betty Dureve, Gilman. 1,000 Miss Lois Whittaker, 1,000 Miss Dorothea Pritt, Lexington. 1,000 Miss Alice Arnold, 1,000 Miss Wilma Leasman, Arrowsmith. 1,000 Miss Lucille Gilmore, Arrowsmith. 1,000 Miss Hazel Farley, 1,000 Eldora Riddel, 1,000 Miss Eloise Paine, Hopedale.

1,000 Miss Mary McManus, 1,000 Miss Marilyn Cooper, Gibson 1,000 Dorothy Denne, Gibson City. 1,000 Miss Emma K. Bowers, Gibaon 1,000 Eileene Kruse, 1,000 Mira Myla Brandt, Colfax. 1,000 MisS Lillian Lucille Etherton, 1,000 Miss Geraldine Wissmiller, Cooksville. 1,000 Miss Bessie Irene Friend, r.

r. 1, 1,000 Miss Lillian Lynch, 1,000 Miss Jean Roberts, 1,000 Miss Margie Ellen Lee, 1,000 Miss Margorie Lou Irion, 1,000 Miss Ferne Hoover, 1,000 Miss Adelle Luker, 1,000 Miss Mildred Maurice Robinson, 1,000 Miss Mariett Koke, San 1,000 Miss Louise Ensminger, Heyworth. 1,000 Miss Dorothy Nordine, Colfax. 1,000 Miss Ruth E. Smith, 1,000 Miss Beulah Humphrey, 1,000 MisS Betty Magill, 1,000 Miss Marjorie Wood, Cropsey.

1,000 Miss Bernadine Elliot, Cropsey. 1,000 MISS Arleen Elliot, Cropsey. 1,000 Miss Louise Stretch, 1,000 Miss Isabel Parks, 1,000 Miss Lorna Minonk. 1,000 Miss Virginia Kyle, 1,000 Miss Velma B. Alsman, r.

r. 2, Bloomington 1,000 Miss Florine Helen Kindred, Armington. 1,000 Miss Marjorie Baker, Delavan. 1,000 Miss Dorothy Pawson, Delavan. 1,000 Miss Helen Nannen, Delavan.

1,000 Miss Mary Noyes, Mansfield 1,000 Miss Marjorie Smith, Mansfield 1,000 Miss Frances Dees, 1,000 Miss Mildred Bryant, Fisher 1,000 Miss Helen Copenhaver, 1,000 Miss Marjorie Alwos, r. r. 4, Bloomington. 1,000 Miss Anna Lou Smith, Ludlow. 1,000 Miss Eileen Black, 1,000 Miss Jeanne Jones, Leroy.

1,000 Miss Blanche Munson, Pontiac. 1,000 Miss Shirley Lindley, Hallsville. 1,000 Miss Norene Brucker, Cropsey. 1,000 Miss Virginia Pitzer, Danvers. 1,000 Miss Doris Gehlbach, r.

r. 2, Beason. 1,000 Miss Carol Jean Munster, 1,000 Miss Shirley Boeman, Cullom. 1,000 Miss Marjorie Douglass, Colfax. 1,000 Misa Bernadine Leach, 1,000 Miss Virginia Meers, Cropsey.

1,000 Miss Ada Lorine Jenkins, r. r. 1 Clinton. 1,000 Miss Jane Creager, Delavan. 1,000 Miss Esther Arnett, El Paso.

1,000 Miss. Alma Rippel, El 1,000 Miss Norma Hinthorn, Lexington. 1,000 Miss Marian Shepherd, El Paso. 1,000 Miss Joy Sylvester, r. r.

1, 1,000 Miss Eleanor Krueger, Minier. 1,000 Miss Marjorie White, Danvers. 1,000 Miss Mary Elizabeth Messer, Lexington. 1,000 Miss Martha Jeanne Vissering, 1,000 Miss Margaret Stover, 1,000 Miss Pauline Dyer, Heyworth. 1,000 Miss Ann Rutledge, El 1,000 Miss Doris Voland, Chatsworth 1,000 Miss Arlene Shafer, Chatsworth 1,000 Miss Evelyn Miller, Arrowsmith 1,000 Miss Mary Ann Alexander, Fairbury 1,000 Miss Phyllis Moore, 1,000 Miss Iva June Hunter, Saybrook.

1,000 Miss Helen Fosdick, r. r. 1, Chenoa. 1,000 "Miss City of Bloomington" Contestants Votes Miss Gerarda Wolff, 1403 West Grove .108,500 Miss Bernadine Swibaker, 313 E. 94,000 Miss Marion DePew, 815' E.

Washington. .80,800 Miss Bernadine Holland, 702 S. .42,100 Miss Pauline Lohse, 600 W. Front. 41,200 Miss Dorothy Dick, 30 White place.

..30,000 Miss Velma Ashe, 710 E. .24,900 Miss Margaret Pearson, 703 W. Market .23,000 Miss Norma Kunz, 605 Church, Normal Miss Ruth Pile, 1114 East Grove 20,100 Miss Dorothy Butler, 1212 North Oak street 18,400 Miss Jeanne Vandervort, 206 E. .15,500 Miss Betty Jane Greene, 801 South Oak 14,900 Miss Bettie Brown, 209 8. University, 13,500 Mina Tavais Leach, 1104 Elmwood 11,000 Miss Lillian Brown, 507 W.

Moulton street 9.300 Miss Nora Elizabeth Killian, 408 W. Locust. 8.300 Miss Leona Olive Corbin, 613 8. Main 8,100 Miss Arline Hocke, 203 8. Western.

7,800 Miss Marie Miller, 502 East Poplar street, Normal 6,600 MISS Dorothy Marie Haynes, 1006 W. 5.300 Miss Sarah Jane Hubbard, 506 East Olive street. 5,200 Miss Julia Bischoff, 308 Florence avenue, Normal 5.000 Miss Maxine Jasper, 604 North Main 4,700 Miss Bernadine Jasper. 801 East Lincoln 3.700 Miss Laurine Hale, 805 North Roosevelt 3,200 Miss Dorothy Bardwell, 1406 N. 3,200 Miss Jan Foster, 509 E.

3,000 Miss Frances Johnson, 803 E. Washington 2,700 Miss Ferne Hawk, 316 E. 2,500 Miss Gertie Coffland, 1308 8. Fell. 2.400 Miss Betty Ann Key, 1305 N.

2,100 Miss Myra Jane Lockwood, 402 S. Main 2,100 Miss Virginia Haug, 614 South McClun 2,000 Miss Vivian Newton, 1008 West Market 1,800 Mite Eleanor Jane Rhodus, 1001 North Main street. 1,600 Miss Julia Marian Henry, 507 North Madison 1,500 Miss Anne Olson, 303 North street, 1,400 Miss Vera Huber, 601 N. Linden, 1,300 Miss Ione Vint, 305 Mason street, Normal 1,300 Miss Rose Marie Ramsey, 508 W. 1,200 Miss Dorothy McCurdy, 1216 South Mason 1,000 Miss Betty Clark, 1404 North Clinton 1,000 Miss Marjorie Kirkpatrick, 1110 North Clinton 1,000 Miss Myra Pease, 1513 W.

Locust street. 1,000 Miss Marie B. Buford, 1314 North Oak 1,000 Miss Ida Jayne Griffin, 414 West Willow street, Normal. 1,000 Miss Jerry Rayburn, 410 East University 1,000 Miss Dorothy Lanigan, 311 West Ash street, 1,000 Miss Marie Dietz, 932 West Moulton 1,000 Miss Grace Byrnes, 504 East Front street 1,000 Miss Erma Faye Rodgers, St. Joseph's 1,000 Miss Dorothy Cowan, State Farm 1,000 Miss Helen Uszcienski, 1408 W.

Mulberry. 1,000 Miss Barbara Barton, 213 W. 1,000 Miss Jean Falkingham, 607 W. 1,000 Miss Emma Soper, 1122 E. 1,000 Miss Darlene Homer, 1103 S.

1,000 Miss Earlene Funk, 222 Flor 1,000 Miss Opal Kent, 706 W. 1,000 Miss Helen J. Power, 301 E. 1,000 Miss Hazel Mayo, 1307 N. East.

1,000 Miss Lucille Grader, 706 W. Washington. 1,000 Miss Margaret Remschner, 307 Kingsley, Normal 1,000 Miss Dorothy Bardwell, 1406 N. 1,000 Miss Betty Coupe, 906 N. 1,000 Miss Esther May Wenderoth, 408 Woodland 1,000 Miss Lois Miller, 1203 N.

Linden. 1,000 Miss Helen Bardenhazer, 302 W. 1,000 Miss Martha Lucas, 1011 N. McLean 1,000 Miss Clara W. Gierman, 810 E.

1,000 ADULTS' DISRESPECT FOR LAW BIG CAUSE OF YOUTHFUL CRIMES Judge Hall Tells Optimists Home is 'Cradle of Endeavor' Twenty percent of this nation's crime is the work of persons who have not yet reached voting age, County Judge Homer Hall told Optimist clubmen at a dinner meeting Wednesday night i in the Hotel Tilden-Hall. His topic was "Brothers--In Law." Admitting that this is not pleasant picture or a healthful situation, Judge Hall charged that a prime cause for youthful disrespect of law is "an equal or greater disrespect on the part of the adults of our generation." The home, he said, is the cradle of endeavor. It can be good endeavor or it can be bad, as the parents care to make it. He urged that parents consecrate themselves to a crusade of education, not only for children but also for parents, teaching that the future of America depends in large measure upon the American home. Roy Barr, charter member of the Big Brothers association here, told of his experiences in prevention of crime through Big Seldom equalled.

excelled LONG A AGO since ANG LONG 1876 Good old HYDE PARK LAGER BEER You, too, will sing the praise of HYDE PARK LAGER TRUE GOODNESS Hyde Park Beer is aged for months to give it that COSTLY REAL TRYA BOTTLE LAGER goodness everyone loves. It's the SLOW, then take home a way to make beer but what a difference it makes! Good case or a handy bag old Hyde Park is made to a proved old-time formula famous of six. since 1876. Only the finest ingredients are Park its TRUE TUNE IN used. Then comes those aging Park kraeusened which CARDINALS and MONTHS of that give Hyde LAGER flavor! Hyde mechanically carbonated.

BROWNS is means that it not any way with the generations of beer Play by Play WSOY is in Try a bottle today. You'll "SUEFFIG!" the brew- Every Afternoon join lovers who called Hyde Park With Ray Schmidt, master's tribute to a perfect brew. Alex Buchan and HYDE PARK BREWERIES ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Gabby Street. HYDE PARK HYDE PARK True BEER Seldom Equalled Never Excelled BE SURE TO PUT GIRL'S NAME ON BALLOTS! Please, please, popularity contest votera, remember that the ballots you cast can't be counted if you haven't the candidate's written on them! name, Eleanor Fiellin said Thursday that several packs of ballots couldn't be counted because the candidate's name had been omitted.

"People come walking in, and they're thinking the girl's name so hard," explained Mrs. Fiellin, "that they forget to write it down." Will Meet Friday The Ladies of the Grand Army will meet at McBarnes Memorial building at 8 p. m. Friday. Larrick Rites Held Funeral services for Giles R.

Larrick, 214 Leland street, who died Tuesday, were held at' 3:30 p. m. Thursday at the Beck memorial home. The Rev. D.

J. Gretzinger officiated. Mre. Gretzinger was the soloist and Mrs. Louise Haskel acted as organist.

Pallbearers were Delmar White, C. J. Bernstein, Rubin Prothero, Alonzo. Sargent, A. W.

Tipton and M. Spier. Burial was in Bloomington cemetery. Garbage Collected Early Garbage collectors in Bloomington now are starting work between 2 and 2:30 a. hours earlier than usual, Leo Haas, city.

garbage inspector, said Thursday. This enables collectors to get in extremely weather, Cotheir off streets sooner hothe operation of residents in putting out their garbage, earlier will be appreciated, Haas said. Votes Furnace inspection. Did you burn too much fuel. FREE was pair actual your work labor house on and any warm materials make last used.

season? furnace We costs do expert based on house comfortable" "The Williamson Heater Company: I have used my Williamson Tripl-ife furnace three winters. I certainly got to try it out this last winter. It kept the house comfortable even when the outside temperature was 17 degrees. I used only about 300 bushels of coal during the winter. I consider that very economical." Signed--Harley Greenlee, Carmi, Illinois $2:00 A Williamson WEEK will Tripl-ife buy VILLIAMSON TRIPL-IFE.

FURNACE BURROUGHS COAL ICE CO. Furnaces Cleaned $1.95 Up 106 S. Normal, Linden Ill, St. Phone 6142 Brother work. Over a period of years he has taken under his supervision a total of 24 young people haled into court for various offenses.

Some have gone bad but many have become useful citizens. Some have established homes and today are rearing sound thinking children of their own. Chambers Infant Rites Funeral services for James Alan Chambers, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Chambers of 503 West Kelsey street, who died at St.

Joseph's hospital Tuesday, were held at 11 a. m. Thursday at the Beck memorial home. Will H. Shelper had charge of the services.

Burial was in Bloomington cemetery. Sutra STERN'SI W. H. ROLAND a Store of Fashion Final "Before Invoicing" Sale Summer Dresses Play Clothes 54 dresses to clear! In broken Group of Play Suits, Slacks, sizes and colors. Mostly Prints.

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and can be folded up Fold up compactly and compactly and car- roll out of the way ried in your car. Ideal when not for camp $1.89 in use $9.75 or 25c Weekly. 50c Weekly. FULL SIZE POSTER BEDS walnut finish. Nicely turned posts.

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5 6.

The Pantagraph from Bloomington, Illinois (2024)


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