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Soctt hfO THE LOUISI ANA PRESS JOURNAL a SIX PAGES ESTABLISHED 1355 AND TWICE A WEEK TIMES LOUISIANA MISSOURI TUESDAY DECEMBER 4 1934 Six PAGES reMsare iMBHsasMk VOLUME NUMBER 50 IBffl Of LOUISIANA 9UWLING GREEN merchants ifflf IM GREEN STORES DECORATED AND bHOP NIH MAY Louisiana are finding JOHN MADISON MrlLROY MftAhM WMJ Malte IM sVBsrewlere MHU4ud ffftf gM assswrewsree pasted i Mcttotsy who ImUy eonneetions tn nr Oulnt Newrt oHt tatonttal and bu Nov CwUmH township at el the ven best i IV right CUy In inals of Dustin The progr epkndW equipped tn county farm Charles Blarkmorr Clarence Glen de nm runnenup of Class A and wta the TN HONOR BROTHER OmH Hl Mrs lnd Jennings Otlmualrated Sldwefi waived hi PreHm nnnnTtt rear vU ulii Hartahcm Mo Mrs Margiret Benn ofjin hewing Aeewding to Mr Acorn mo Mrs Belle Dael famren owning a car driven by ffidrell on hlch ltTtkJthS'tThX'h svrara JUnntbAl Mra Emms Burroughs 6l north of Bowling Green Wtd bw lajndou and Mr Aik Green of nrodar ntaht of Us week struck a ear Olive Helwig ot Saverton Her fatly It I two sisters also preceded her In death rankford Vend ills ruder MAKKI vce i icism lowing couple: ehurch of Clarksville Buiai wa in leaves two son Malcolm and Clarence will be to fetount Olivet cemetery Turpin salary for Nov 185 Nester salary for Nov $100 Nester advance for Dec rtrters and two brother She was pop ular with large te of acxjtnmt COl'Nl A7 HI KS HELD REGULAR SESSION MONDAY AND TRANS ACTED A LARGE VOLUME ACCOUNTS ALLOW ED can Bankers' association An advertising service is being pre pared for member banks and clearing Pike county hospital $152825 Mrs Jcncie Kaier supplies for coun ty farm $233 Moss gas and repairs for coun ty farm $1121 John Darts poor relief for self 13 afternoon at 1:30 o'clock by the Rev Recorder of Deeds Delbert Wilhoit McAdams of Tike county a slstc Hornback pastor of the Methodist has tsrjed marring license to the fol Mrs Amanda Uster of Ralls county i i ma inr rainur i ziuiaai was irax sr a as Ashley cemetery Mrs Moore was Nov Willard Shepherd Bowling I o'clock Tuesday often eighty wars old on November 18 Bha Green and Katherine lorence Elsber Schwartt's funeral home telt a revtfW swtk 4 se IzwIsm Edwards expense relief work $578 Mo Edison Co lights A mdse jail Winner tn Girts DiviaJoa Brashear 1 Otrti Green Ctw 28 Ruanennp of Class A gtrls: rankford etas A winner boy Wright City 31 runnersup of Class Abevs: Trov 18 clasa winners Supreme Court A fl inns Circuit Court i nilin Ium been asriritag father who con duct a general note and a farm at Will Be Deputy Under Def bcrl Wilhoit BANKS TO URGE MORE ADS IN NEWbPALRS New York December A campaign to stimulate wider use of informative newspaper advertising by banks to pro mote understanding and con In existing banking conditions and methods was announced today by USUALLY LARGE DISPLAYED ING HELL CRANE TAKEN TO AE'lLRvNS' HOSHTAL Marian Crane of rankford world war veteran employed on lock 22 near Saverton was removed Thursday from Levering hospital to the Veterans hos pital Jefferson Barracks St Louis for examination and treatment He be came suddenly ill a week ago while returning from his work and was re moved to the local hospital Charles Webb of Emmet Shields Dost No 55 Bowling Green Gag co gas mdse I The American Legion accompanied Jali $18240 court house $7413 $15853 Crane to St Hannibal Courier Jno Duncan poor relief supp for Pest Mrs aiitcneu soini Rose Stuloe water for court house $2323 Jan $1401 $3724 Schroeder exp of relief work whose death occurred a number cf years ago Her marriage to Mr Jenkins took place at Louisiana on eb 18 1920 Mrs Jenkins was well known in Han nibal and the Saverton vicinity uneral services will take place at 2 o'clock Tuesday afternoon at the Louisiana Baptist church Burial will be at Hannibal Courier Port Dec 3 Dr Jim Blgga and Mrs Eileen San derson both of Bowling Green were married to Troy Sunday afternoon Nov 25th by Rev Smelaer binds pur UN WEIL The foiloatiig pro ram was preaent at the school Wednesday afternoon November 28: A song of Welcome Dorothy Lou Car run Rosalie Meym Gertrude Carroll: 'Buster Bill' Thanks" Charles Roe Griffith: With Thanks" Darwin Cole Johnnie Pttaer Novrti Mvrter kus Pumpkin" by Lucile Carroll Rosie Anderson Eleanor Pitaer Rose Ann Holland Harel Anderson 1 Holland and Herman Meyers: Read as its theme that banking is based on helpful human relations and that it has a unity of interest with the people or the community that them together with a common $1143 Elmore window shades: pro bate office $1570 Sanderson's drug store mdse for court house and jail $774 rank Haley pauper casket $10 Tom Turpin delivering relief supp $1250 Wooten Son Mdse for jail $2 95 ner Thanksgiving day at her home in arber tn honor of her brother I 1 itagenld and his wife of Chicago and Mrs two nephews Vaughn and Dann SUeber and also Mrs Lu guest Pearl Carroll of Louisiana These present were Mr and Mrs Neal Oden and daughter Elsllinc Mr and Mrs Hubert Gibson and four children and Mrs Id itzgerald all of Middle town: Dave itzgerald Rosine itzger ald wm van Buren ana Mrs Lucas all of arber HOLD NERVE OR KPIGBAM The funeral of Bert Kiubamn at who oted BHurday night no 94 in Levering fallow Unc several wrekaf tlinem held Monday after rwn from chwurtsa timers home Hannibal The Rev John GoMen conducted the riles and interment wav ok S2ffn otnffctcTy Mr Krisbanm was boro' al rank MUMIA CIUCHT COl TIT ford a eon of the late Andrew and ndeh $ia BONDS Sarah Goodnight Krttbaum lived Albert Sidwell Bowling Green wm for rw time al Perry where he was admitted to band tn Uw amount of cnployed tn the erry coal mines Hc fijxso fc gppearanre toe trial at the was a member of the BepUA chureh at jammy term of the Pike county olr Shoppers In that merchants here have unusually large and well assorted stocks of mer chandise of the various kinds season able at this time of the year Mer chants are carrying larger stocks this winter than they have carried in sev eral years Stares that cater to the holiday trade also have larger and more varied assortments of Christmas goods than formerly comparing favorably with the peak trade days prior to 1929 Shoppers in the Louisiana trade ter ritory who come here to do their holi day shopping will not be disappointed either in the amount or quality of the offerings of the various lines Including holiday gift goods or in prices Merchants this season have taken more interest in decorating their stores for the holidays than for sev eral years A revival of business pos sibly is responsible for the increased interest Many of the stores are ar tistically decorated with the usual Christmas decorations A group of merchants who are tak ing part in a fall and winter trade campaign are sponsoring a treasure hunt on next Thursday Dec 6th Treasure hunts have proven popular with shoppers in other cities It is be ing given a trial here this week A number of useful and desirable gifts win be given away by merchants par ticipating Read the advertisem*nts of merch ants appearing in the Press Journal TRADE IN TT AYS STOCKS HOLIDAY MERCHANDISE AND HOLIDAY A8 USB riKE Bi' cinzENs NERAL si yict: last rtrntr afti rnoon i I1KGEIY ATI I NDI Judge Woolfolk approved the report with the exception of a penalty of ten per rent per month for certain suma of money alleged to be dee the stile and county Horn Sanderson according to an audit made bv auditors from the state audi office The slate and Pike county were rep resented in the two suit by Davis Ban ning and May and May at Louisiana The county court was in session in Bowling Green Monday At the regular first of the month sessions the court finds a great deal of business items on flic Warrants were ordered drawn on the general revenue fund in favor of the parties Brown salary for Nov $20833 Ball salary for Nov $12500 Davis Benning salary for Nov $150 Annie Ingram salary for Nov $162 50 Expena $6150 $22400 A White salary for Nov $12291 Porter rank rank $10000 Tress Extension Work appropriation $12500 Paul Sanderson fees for Novem ber $3175C Bryan Parsons repairs for county farm $980 Buxton Skinner blanks for county clerk $941 Vernon Law Book Co supp for Pros Atty 81000 Standard Ptg Co blanks for probate judge $1871 Bell Tel Co phones for Nov $58 75 Cotton Lbr Co lumber for county farm $1573 Ruby Lee one wolf bounty $1000 A Tucker taking Montgom ery to ulton $2400 eldmann Bros supp for county farm $10833 Chronicle Herald supp for supt of schools Macon Mo $850 County criminal fund inquest on many more happy dava tort like that vw a rKKCszuvi ei a Dvvts Denning charging Dial he drove u' McAdams was born in ike an utoaicbile on the htahway wtoleewny atatl0 1Ie COUNTY COUNT II SESSION III bal for some time and Mr Jenkins was connected with the Parks Music Co the family moving to Louisiana where they formerly resided nearly two years ago Surviving Mrs Jenkins are her hus band and two children Betty Lou 11 years and John Nelson 6 years: her mother Mrs Ernest Helwig of Savcr Williams expense for relief work $48 00 (TS: Mrs John reiltng and Mrs RO ID UND Brmkmier of the Mills Creek Hurley Worsham 140 hours work 0 neighborhood Mrs Arch Cameron of 35c 20 hours 20c $5300 Hannibal and Miss Margaret Helwig David Tinsley salary $70: gas $3 50 nurse in Levering hospital and $73 50 Helwig of Saverton Her fath Geo McOcorge 3 days work at $1 er passed away about a year ago and $308 two sisters also preceded her In death Bulah Lemasttr two team 1 2 day Mrs Loehrke who died two years at $250 $250 Iago next ebruary and Mary Helwig smstn oudfng road $5: fuel $150 $650 Tom Eastin moving tree out of road Tom Cornish repairs for county truck $3 65 Rawlings labor on concrete mixer $5 80 Adama Co grader blades $16 44 Williams dynamite caps and fuse $855 Minor 3 days with team at $250 $500 Kimts so hours wrek at 10c of Bawling Orem The American Surety company of New York and the idelity and Denoslt Co of Maryland Hire ties cn bond were co defcndanU in the suit Judge Motley represented the bonding com panics The rankford boy Mid the Bre new motion picture hew sthror girt won the urtes to the tenth annual Boafiag Green high 8Choo! has ILING MRS ket ball tournament which ended in I IO It NEY JENRiNS Grern Saturday night Thl: riends were saddened to learn of mkM second remseeutiv cham the death in Levering hospital Han ptrewhto rtetorr ftr rankford boys inlbn Sunday moniimt of Mrs or Tte rankford bo wm the title In ney Jenkins She had been in poor ihrtr tHviatan by newng out Wright i health about a mouth and waa taken Cr jr to Ji In the charajdauhiplto the huephai Monday of tart week rune rankford tool Troy 25 to 19 in i nd underwent an operation last ri ths semt nraU and Wright City won day She passed away at from arber It to 18 Bunday morning Th body wa Tha Bratowar girt downed Oreen brought to the Sod funeral home here City 1 to 23 to th champhrnahlp Sunday by McCune and nm hMtinr no line si Racers fAmera! acrvttts were condurt to 19 in the remi fT Orem CHy ed to the im Bapttet church at 2 defeated Kes London 39 to 30 to reach this aftemoal by Re The Ah sur selecttons for 1834 All Star team are: Olr forward Cupp Brhror: for iuln nlvi Harold ward EMle Bnuhear center Hunt BrMbHir center oounk Nev um Hrm thw! fMrv iCaptaJnl guard lood Bowling Green forward Ewing for ward lUrriaon Bowling Green cen ter Keith rankford: guard Cun ningham Montgomery CUy: guard Bruntng Wright City Both Herat of Ea ing and Cunning ham of Montgomery City were chosen tii co captam CareoH: Recitation for What 1 NOT" Jahn Cirml'' nlv a Surprise" east Mother Rosalie Mey Mr and Mrs Ed Quinn and daughter Mr and Mrs loyd Jennlnn Mr and Mm Ttosley HUes and three daughter Mr and Mr Arch Jennings eL i liU mia kmluj nilTB it AWW jit rt it and Mis Keck Mrs John Beck is cwaaro aw ar si camtmM lew nanro are tne ven oet ember 1934 They hd nine children He a en nt Jitdgs and Mr all cf shorn rarrire: Jresie Mn Mzllroy of Dover and arefidwia al hfcto of Curryville Mabel Mr Dl Judge Mellroy at Inuldsna who wflrUAAgtati CyrerN Rtifcr Ttan county on GXuto of Cyretw Btobjtne minty rowrt bench He I rl Cyrene Bibb of Dewing Green ik tte nj James re 1 i Chiumrt township roJir i Madison greduaurf front the ren Uuhtaa high KlwU the rta of 2 ItoRon and tai Miesouri Or and hnrt at trvm and neighbors IXrtv to life he learned to know and aws ana SHi laiui iv us cd with the Dottr DaptM chureh tT rnrr where be hsM hi membereht? ro Attorney were advised by wire Sat that the minreme court of Mis had affirmed findings ot Judge BE OPI NED IVEDNI CDYI' 1 VEN 1 ln twt Eases which were TilfllrYV thBra avs tmnil Tvs Mua ING HUCKSTLP THEATRE THERE HAS BEEN CLOSED The manv friends of John MadiW'n McIlroy inn be pieared to lewn that he will hold a position under Drtber WBiioSt when the latter take over th duties of Die combined attires at rlrek ci tne errwt court ana ex oinoo cwder of deed an January I 1935 Sometime ago wa mste that fBuut Dunean would be Mr drotrtv TV Charles Andrew Bibb tea born March 7 185X to Arnhem eremty Wert Vlr i ginta At ths ace of four years he tm mieraled with bls parents WUllrtn Hmlry and Martha Jto Bibb twr' derided to continue in hi to CrkvVJe Ma He Of jyi present (waiuoa bookkeeper for the children hi father having bn mar lUstUtan tows lee and Supply rom ril three He grow to maa employed for hood to Ute CiatkMlta and Dom rem I 'Vhrn he derided to munlty until to lew he wrw to Cum remain here he rreommended thai his bertand to nd bought a fartn Then nephew John Mwffecn McIlroy be sp in IMl he rame back to Missouri and ptontad ta Ida Place and an agree on ebruary 33 of that yeir he WMmcnt to that effect wat reached tart married to Laura Dean Anderton They Saturday then tnwd to Cumberland less and would be hard to find tn Pin tivod there II years when they tnoswd a young man with better quail back to Mfsmrt and laroted shew fxstfont Rr ttUing the piare tn an efr they Bvtd hapsdli together until July ftetant and creditable manner than Mr raiildurd Oil (OL(1 Hll( atK equipment are tn teep rT with th bulMinf which is sub tetantUl and attractive inr pwiun auc uywuuiM wm Twwamrm te Uln by cf a feature picture a Ottr Mrare to tL Bra twtth Held and Baby LeRoy iTitort Rkrrtr wilt tn tn otvfi iHAVX'IRU Rivrnnrvirn vrw of Bowling Green are to trial in morikly kili ixg Mnrst TV to eJtnan Hannibal baker recently aen tatwed to two year in the peniten tisry on a manslaughter charge was denied a new trial in circuit court here Sattmlay by Judge Dinwiddle of Columbia who had been called a a special judge to hear the case Beaman convicted of manslsugh ter in the killing ol Jack Goode Mo berly billiard hall and restaurant prop rietor at Moberly in August 1933 Goode was stabbed to death during an argument between the two and Sea man pleaded self defense Seaman who ha been at liberty on betid wa taken into custody by Sheriff Bagby here and lodged in th county yril Sheriff Bagby said he would take Seaman to the penitentiary Rar sme this week Gamm Mr and Mrs II Holliday Mr and Mrs Byron HoiUday and two uuuni Air Msa aii ivmw aiuu rnvTI rr Xtr ivrt Mr Kira Gamm and two ACT TOR 1 The netst rtrnfirtment ojm? irom a were mt aiia Mnu Lngun Lewis anti aon Mr anti Mr Lewis of Pittsfield Hl Mr fc Mrs Itarold Crowder and TT5 children from Pleasant Hill Hl Mr Bids sought will Include furnishing all and Mrs Charlca Krampfert and two! materials and performing all children St Louis Mr and Mra Wm rk for the proposed extension and uess St Louts Mr and Mra Clayton remodeling ot the lament building urown and son su uxua Th rtav tfifi Khnrt and al! parted wishing Mr and Mr Gamm Mrs Olive Lucas gave a turkey din 1 one cm fmata Chappeff Interment Wa to IHvervime TX'Mbhtgchisy iron the remet cry Mm born March mnsotaUtm ULe by defeating Ewing 35 I 13G and was 35 year old her liu to 31 In the coroctauan semi Dnh birthday She was a daughter of Er Mctitaomerv Cits won from New taxi nest Helwig who toed at Baverton a I son John seven and a daughter Bet DEATH Or A JleAHAMS At the age of 71 years stephen An thta 1M riday SndweIIdJM Bt Pundny afternooa preliminary hearing on hd ln falling Glativ Uaedr anti Mrt MsW nteu nrawntun Attnmv ui iimmum hoiui RL Mft a i 1 rttil frw tana six rtsiera Mra Ad Tally of lYST BITES ron HENRY JNDO New London Ma Nov uneral services tat Henry Indorf prominent New Ltrndan merchant who died sud denly in his home Monday afternoon were held from the family residence Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock con ducted by Rev Harshbarger pas tor of the Christian church assisted bv Rev Blevins A quartet composed of Mr and Mrs Arthur Guttery Mrs Crockett and a Rosser sangnd there was a solo by Robert Winn The pallbearer were Cars tarphen Yager Artie Lake A Kennedy Warren Hrtcher and I Smith business associates of Mr In dorf Burial was made in Barkley cem etery Among the large number of friends and relatives who attended the funer al aert k'c was Joseph Bassett of the kmaelMn flit HYnlhl hft Kffhtv mn Ola on IB CSM vtrvcn ua mhuhuw wniLr iuucuu uuuic vimuuviru AJ 7J leave two son Malcolm and Clarence ry (colored 'by the Rev Joint Golden Interment i Was a schoolmate of Mr Inttorfh in i lu 1 VUHbAn an4 4n rlit Ih eoMinforv Ik KrfA DOtal bOTHa dtughter Mrs Banning of Liver Suite Lota Sanderson both of New Hannibal Courier ort Dc 1 I Nov 30 lra Mudd ant! Vera Watts sreandos tfroortetcr of the both ot Louisian colored This UuUtan Sweet itant la the Morrta were married by JtxiM ef the who had been visiting mis ceca ciw UHMtog motoaj bum we bui dine' returned this morning from Peace John Word In hi office at Marsh left thia morning for their most disagreeable day of the present a visit with ill hometolk in St Louis o'clock Saturday evening I home In Elsberry I a Inter Miaon CHlflltS 'Catumel Toanohln Yeung Man with I TAP nvnnir ivretunt (InaHfIratInrs villi Be fo Ntfln liintNt night of week struck a ear which was driven by the sheriff of Putnam county Mo The car ot the MarttahM Ato wU VJl L4M4rtVM ecnires for Mr Rebecca eorotng to report Aicyht liv vfwj pl jirr Thursdiy morning were held In the MrthodM chureh at Ashley Saturday 'Continued on Page Two i tram No 12 this morning xor st louis supt ol schools $1942 Already he said banks "Quite Robt Nunn coal for county farm ly either through Individual or joint W7 48 i advertising are active in calling Ha'ey 3rd rent for their constructive loaning policies to room $3000 the attention of their communities Missouri State Sanatorium care of! while a number have adopted the county patients $139 28 I material we sent them Jasper county hospital care of countv I TOST OEK Bl ILDING DEC 26 Patients $22 62 i ATH or JENKINS 2 LT ta 1 a An IV PUV MrSt Jenkins of Louisiana for la! imerly of Hannibal passed away at io rS GroceTy' tehef supp 10 30 ociock Sunday morning tn Lev terinc hospital at the age of 35 years court $36 fonner Roeie Msx portage $150 $3750 Jerkin was bom at Saverton a 60E' IttXtoin I Mr Ernest He5wiE 8nd mti tl1 "SS tHSRv t2100 the late Mr Hclwis prominent Ralls Atatoiet Rren residents She toed in Hanm proved Settlement ot rank Nester approv Arart 9 io 18 Tn suae 1 ter fUtal game writer in the day Ld ty year old She also leaves four (tent oral paynesTUie rite ii Ttw Tro Kirh defeated Vandalia II to II in the ecnaoiatton final at anew and friends ter drteiuag silex to 7 in the armi tteaJ Thrv defeated Laddenia 1 1 1 tf 3i to 13 to meh the 1 EJ Ltmt of OuincT anti lUsmotid I i emtl 1 fl 1 1 1 darted the wmre and wm wrtswd by ho rtudknuly ret the job and thJ tournament which oj an hL Ht Campbell cf BooUm Orren jmi) and ararenmodsUB Keepins Throsdav i Mr mX and Rev Garnet Worthington of Cy txxkt at thfc company te a man awd! Scores of game begin dL mi grande of the dereased Buftalng an experienced bre vn a Anttarti mary to do the wnrk rteral of Mr otrl gamer Brashear 51 BwXry't xra Duooto wHi giau hwtt Nl riD tv or a nonniN ithat they tre rided to remain la SEBIOUnr jumUtaita A Goomn returned Wednesday I nW trtffi Atlanta IB where he had Oak and Home iu tojured night wben uw cm arm of a telegraph fine which wru BUWH uaren man crus rutiand arhml penetrated the wtnoiued a crock he i Th children of Oakland reawta driving ms gtrudt fehsa to the rt)f face tniurtot brth era iiv ueian hare Nov 23rd by member of the club KllU js hr 4 a aruia 41 ids 1 left rye Oxtfto who rtcuratag mrl games TD wirner to each home tram Preet where be hl been tw uaw rcvrlwl a prtre Al the totfrhvrr akudoftoe Uok WU tak jewforton of th thad en to the DeweociMK hoapttai in tan ghen batrtn to entertain coin Id 81 A CMbdtn wi fccronipsrtad htnwH while ti club members were cn the trio to AUanu by and busy with the refreshment which con Mra rank Gooitn and sHetr two aitted erf bta tray ff home made ouddea and randy A 1VA xuUw IISI I Lfwai VUWT CUMM kW Edith BtackwvlL Mrs Hayden Morrow Itettr and Virginia Dtijender Hany and Gerald Bmitix Burns In a very pleasing sray therkrd tlje dub for tha party and hcued would ccxre egain real soon REPORTER ana mfs nee ws upon wees ii a aw a a ri an aaaaawn aaa a a war rei i vwm a ar sa a iiriairs 11 srs iwax aa The afternoon in Paring gtrti VandaJi tlvs rutmenmp wiIli Tra wreiE ww Dorothy LOu Car houirtana rnsss Jounial supplies fwposc a a wm a wk ATI vw ri IM a ww km rar r'rir ws a VM Ojno Mr and Mr rank Gamm Revitr1 vr umim nermsn winners Ewing 31 nmnetsupje Hamilton Johnnie Becker Good Carroll Allee Lucile of cWs ttwa IS KrTtos "rrwIkiSs Rave Ann Holland Johnnie Tropine were given to Ctaaa A win irtr ltyer ner nmnerwp of Class A and win ANNA MARGARET BROWN Teacher HINUSOME NEW THEATRE UHIjrB vMfc 1 raaen mere on appeal The cases were State of MMnuri ex rel State of Mis souri Tbccnnson state auditor vs Samuel Sanderson and State of Missouri ex rel Pike county against Eamuel Sanderson both cases being during the time he was col 01 the revenue for Pike county ewoto Jr'utawreD JJwlncSu4Jfi The report of Attorney Alford referee TiTuuia 01 LrslS wLMeK LrvL 3 ft aa a frirtr awf lisa naW knl'i km 1 MW BS UO BL trie ApTU i 12h rvto 1 mx ct Kke eounty circuit Bankhead nod Otto hy eraon nils court As Ile October term ot Court tuiift cviw te aveMKrai flf'efctvui dfAoAa eVw Tre Eteltat Wch on tlie SLf rtcw rtserond Done ot the Gillum building WilbcU when the taster la inducted in clcfeca to the combined office of clerk ot the jngn of Louutana had the rtreult roan and cfDcto recorder attract for erecting th new building Seed on Jan i law received many comnliment on the leffteient manner ana roe promptness with which he did the work The new play tmus i built aeeord The defendints was represented by ling to the latest idea of motion pic Hcsteiter and Haley and Motley VERY ILL IN MEXICO Rev Alonso Pearoon of Mexico a halt brother of Mr Haley of this city I critically ill at hi home Mr and Mrs Haley were there Sunday and Mra Haky will go bick Wedne day He has been in failing health since the passing Mrs Pearson last Aug ust and has been low for the past five or six weeks Rev Pearson is me of the best known and most beloved ministers in the Hannibal Presbytery Until recently he was pastor ot the Elmwood Preabvteriin church He ha AKiiooha fvw MnrthMbiBfn era HMD kjf ttrt ive brick masons Dut tn five hour Hurine a ministry which has rrh eurtrur the revere sold of Mon nw rrerinri of manv wear Jurs iw sxmUUXmSC iwt uui uaj inGminff on 01 uic "aha had been visiting Mrs Uecil hool buiklmg Mand about Um lt night I The crotue I be congratulated on 'their imndMme Bra new motion picture hew sourt into hu wtfo ptared thru rarinbu tre to ke (mow to th Cyrene Baprisl rhnreft Ha was rsnffTy aehdnf audrrlntradcnt penouatov is affable acemuatudaff in th Cyrvne cbarch tor $1 ware andtaod has a tender reganl tor the tert Bi ham Hb MfflWMl lkMvteB tatMvate tftt aUWfft UM fWMrfX 9i aresve' 4i VLLJ VI I WS4i Gt" a ttwa "su axv ea a re hraJiK the Sunday tohrat beatmrod on piAMted here dm to I and Ewing beat Lad 6he i survived by her hustau and a 0Mn ww iMwwr tmwibw a ewterttu for th rerartndre of tat Ilf worthy cittern lie wa ta deacon ot the chureh Boone Duncan wifi remtinue to keep number erf reart and up to bi gem toe bora erf the Lowstan Pure Ire He a a kind aarf lurtog awipaa faud Supply company He ha tilled ton father and friend the prartton well that Mr Itodgrra His funeral era held riday Novem ta emptoyer wwiM Wike very much ter 38 IKt HIM from the Cvrene re him wit In Ur tXmcan he Rptoi chtartb Rev 1 CftjMllT ot krow thst a man tn cisarge Tari patter ot Cneij church eon rtt hi wtaxa he can trurt and mill Marziret 111 256 96 ajuji mittrr autyu vi cchiulv iain "Standish in Norse" Dorothy Lou iniuina imii ex iiuur Te tow county farm S7246 1HJK4 was LU ilhhJ UK UU2C1M1X lIPTH! nTPSinPYlL OI LHP prt Ann TVtwfrfhw Tjui 11773 fftn Charles Blackmore Clarence Glen Mrs 11 Rowley material tor dec HeJUttrf hVanv TanV" tlOH booths £120 William Bong "Hrve Butter hauling relief supp house groups which Hecht said has Yield school: arewell poem Last wOTu once uieue Blackmore Wm In mtanm Mvan cimra Brashrat 5X tehrato thetr th Orea is vre wi I wuo arjMvcrwj i nc uimier meu 1 rened cafeterta style wm enjoyed ibyerenrane ta Mrert Those present were Mr and Mr ra' i Charles Sutton Mr and Mr Wyveme Button and two children Mr and Mr 1 Eddington Mr Belle Gamm i mniTara 25 cnnor? Cllfh in! Saturday night: K( KIS claw A winner Glrti ed with the Modem Woodmen America 35 year Surviving relative ar hi wife Mr Annie McAdam three son Roy and Clyde McAdams of thia city Oren McAdam ot Chica go a granddaughter Evelyn McAdams of Chicago two brother Ed and McAdams or rw county a sister I umral services will be held at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon from i conducted Germany where both were bora I 1 ji Mllf.

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