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i THE DAILY INDEPENDENT; HELENA, THURSDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 8. 1894 S. HELENA-Sixth and Main. NEW YORK-368 Canal Every day brings new goods. Every day brings lower prices.

Every day brings more business and more. friends. Good taste shown in the selectian of your note paper will always impress your correspondent favorably. You can make no mistake if you use Whiting's. It's always the right thing.

A full line here now, 'all weights and all sizes to suit all tastes, but all of them correct. These prices special for to-day. Whiting's choice note, octavo size, ruled or plain, in boxes of ream (120 sheets) per 40C Baronial envelopes, to match above, per box of 125.... 40C Per package of 25........ IOC Whiting's extra superfine Arlington stationery, octavo size, ruled or unruled, in boxes of ream (120 sheets) per 40c Commercial note size, per 50c Baronial envelopes to match above, octavo size, box of 125......

40C Per package of 25...... IOC Commercial size, box of 125 45c Package of 25... Whiting's perfection Irish linen note paper, octavo size, unruled, in boxes of ream (120 sheets) per 35c Envelopes to match above, per box of 125....... 35c Per package of IOC Whiting's monogram linen paper, commercial note size, unruled, in boxes of ream (120 sheets) per 45c Envelopes to match above, Per package of 25. IOC per box" of 125.........

45c Whiting's angora finish fine correspondence papers, tinted in delicate shades of rose, heliotrope, azure and cream. The very latest and choicest product: Octavo note size, unruled, in boxes of ream (120 sheets) per 50c Envelopes to match above, per box of 125..... 45c Per package of 25. IOC Whiting's No. 1 quality note paper, nothing finer made, octavo note size, ruled or unruled, in boxes of ream, 120 sheets, per box Commercial note size, per 60c Envelopes to match above, octavo size, box of 125..

50c Per package of. 25.... Commercial size, per box of 125.. 60c Per package of 25........ 15c For travelers to the Midwinter Fair we have Lunch Baskets.

Made of ash splints, light, roomy and cheap enough to throw away at the end of the journey. We've also got all kinds of bottled and canned delicacies to fill them with. Our Candies are always fresh, kept so by constant shipment from our New York branch. They're made by people who cater successfully to the finest trade in New York city. Peanut brittle, Chocolate marguerite, 25c Chocolate queens, 25c Fruit cuts, lb.

25c Jelly rolls, 25c Chocolate grenobles 25c Chocolate Palmettos, Poet's mixed, 25c Chocolate walnuts. 25c Finest mars mallows, lb tin Loses. 25c There's not a cigar retailed at 5 cents. in the state, that is -better than any one. of the following brands: Cuban blossoms, 50 for $1.15 Carmosina, 50 1.00 New fives, so Prize winners, 50.

Surburg's Golden Scepter smoking tobacco in stock. HAMILTON THE PATRIOT. The Masterly Address of Lieut. Gov. Botkin Before the Unity Club Tuesday Evening.

Bicetoh of the Man Whose Work for His Country Will Ever Boar Fruit. He Did Not Favor a Mosarchy, but He Was One of the Staunch Defenders of a publican Government, A splendid audience, Alling every sent In G. A. R. ball, greeted Col.

A. C. Botkin Tuesday evening, at bis lecture before the Unity club. The leota er bad evidently chosen a subject to which he was deeply Interested, Alexander and ho treated it earnestness and outbusisom that carried bis audience with bim in fall appreciation of the value of thie great patriot. The speaker forestalled any application of his remarks to present issues, by a pleasant anecdote, and a positive assoronce of the absence of any such intention on his park, Col.

Botkin said Alexander Hamilton Wau born in West Indies, of Scotch father Frenob Hagenot the, mother, in 1767. Both died in bie early youth. At thirteen be was sent to New York to sohool and graduated from Columbin collage at seventeen. Ho early showed bis literary abilities and bin saate for military affaire. In 1774 be WAS speaking and writing in the canse of the political freedom of the colonies, and in 1775 he ably advocated the industrial freedom by establishing manafactores and making this continent sufficient unto itself.

Thascarly he discussed the strategio policy of the colonies in the coming struggle, predioted the assistance of France, and was ome of the most powerful factors in bringing about the great struggle. He took an active and valuable part in the military operations, both as Washington's war secretary and in the field. An interesting fact was his advocacy of enlisting the negroes, giving them thei: freedom to secure their fidelity and as matter of humanity. His prescience of fature events and tendenoles was almost superhuman, 'Talleyrand ascribing to him as bia most obaracteriasio gift the spirit of prophecy. He showed great bravery at the battle of Yorktown and was subsequently made major general by Washington.

In 1781 finances of the confederation were in the most deplorable condition, without settled resources or credit, and Hamilton proposed and advocated tho tabliabment of a national bank, which was adopted add gave the needed relief; the same polioy adopted by the' country eighty years later, at the opening of rebellion. This wonderfal solation of the patien's Anances, thas used as the model in the later years, was the wort: of a young man of 28 years. The words applied so Pitt can well be said of him: "A sight to make surrounding nations stare; An empire trusted to a sohoolboy's care. Tho great focal point of Hamilton's publio labors was nationality, and to this he addressed bimself with unfailing consistenoy from the start, seeing far ahead of the older men about him. In 1784 he formalated a plan for standing army and state militia, with military academy, foreshadowing completely our present peace military system, but congress, with 'the spirit of separation strong in it, would not adopt it.

In 1783 be wrote: "It is essential to the happiness and seourity of these states that their anion should be established on the most solid foundations, and it is manifest that this desirable object cannot be effected bat by a gevernment, capable both in peace and war of making every member of the union contribute la just proportion to the comnecessities and of combining and directing the forces and will of she several parts to a general end." Three years prior to shiv, in 1780, in a letter to James Duane, he recorded his conviction in favor of solid coereive anion." recognized now R8 the first suggestion of our present constitution. In 1786, in the Now York assembly, he pointed out the very weaknesses in the confederation, the abseno3 of central power, able to resist the most centrifugal power, inherent in the independent status, whiob seventy- five years later WaS the forced construction placed apon our constitation which made the rebellion possib. e. It was traly written of him, "He could res consequents yet dominant in their Hamilton has been, by many, obarged favoring a monarobr, but tais charge in fully rented by his own papers, W.ich are the best defense. of republionnism.

Ha believed in central government, resting on the consent and will of the peopie; but not in a king. His great work came in securing the ado tion by the states ot the constitation, to which rosult he contribated more than auy other 00 9 person. His wouderfal essays in the Federalist, oxplaining the provisions of that instrament, are vet a great authority upon the subjeot. Almost alone be carried, against great opposition, New York for the constitation, which example seeured the quivite number of states. In 1789 he appointed secretary of the easury, under the consti.

tation, by Washington. Tue task. meant the creating, without preo dent or guides, of a new fisoal polioy for a new nation. The nation had a national debt but no publio oredit. The idea of repudiation was gainground.

Hamilton successfully dofeuted repudiation, advocated fuuding the national debt lowest rate of interest possible, the assumption of the etate debts by the general. government and the imposition of impost and internal revenue tax on wines and liquors to meet interest. payments. In this Inst be again anticipated the policy adopted two generationa Inter. The paper sobmitting these propositione to congress has been eetimated he the ablest state paper ever written.

Ho fu ther advocated the issue of paper ourby national bauks, with a thoroughness of detail to which little has been added by the disenssiona of the succeeding 100 yeare. He formulated the plan of a 08- tional mint and the coinage of both gold and silver as money. He made a most exhaustiva report on the manufacturing industries, urging induatcial fr. edom by o- tection to howe industries. This polfoy was then accented by special conditions, in the newness of the country, and in the unfavorable attitude of England and other foreign countries to our exports.

The iden was not new to him, so be bad advocate I it in 1774. He left the cabinet and activo poono ire at fo tr, and devoted himself to the law, which be among ablest ament the roll "The of People Amorionn in v. the law of criminal and scored the emancipation of tho press. JetToTROn WaR alous rival of Hamilton, and ench Levued a faction on the constru tion of the powe granted, to tho contral gove nnent by the tion, stion not vet entirely settled. Anrou Bart's rivalry terminated in the fntal doel of Juir 11, 1804, a terrib.e lesson to bumanity and a great check given to the barba pus practice of

Hami ton's patriotism wAs of the most exalted sad intense kind. To the founding of age at nation he Zen ously devoted the of a mind that seems superhaman in subtlety, its penetration and its commated that cond project of continental propo sione and consequences of beneticience that grow wish the oyoles. The present eat nation exemplifies in itsalt the wisdom of his labors. In vast ite mighty atencien, delicate REDS 'and ite nice adjnetmante, there in not conservative or cohesive faros shat we do not owe to the transcending inselleot and devoted patriotism of Alexander Hamilton. Awarded Highest Honors--World's Fair.

Geal Powder. only Pure Cream of Tartar No Ammonia; No Alum. in Millions of Homes-40 Years the Standard POPULAR WITH LADIES. The Way the Souvenir Cook Book Itse Leaped Into Popularity, Something over two years ago THE INDEPENDENT begen offering premiums. During that time 10 has placed in of Montana homes standard books of various kinds.

Some of these have been devoted to natural bisto some have been the works of the best authors of and others have been world- famous paratives of travel and adventare. shore time ago the management decided to get something especially for the ladies, ADd after going over the deid very carefully, good look aud perseverance made 18 possible to secure, clasive for this state, the most complete and best cook book that has ever been placed upon the market, known 88 the 'Home Queen World' a Fair Pouvenir Cook Book." This book wan ouly ready for da. livery to INDEPENDENT ibers abeat six weeks ago, and in that time so great has the demand been that the Ares consignment of several bundred copies has been exbausted, A few days ago the second consignment was received, and the orders their now on will be Ailed in the order of receipt. Or all the premiums THE INDE PENDENT ban offered this has proved to be the moss And there la lissla wonder. 14 not only contains reelpes from ladies of national reputation for the prepar: tion of almost every dish conceivable, but mass of general information on sable etiquette, the properties of varions food products, the solence of selecting and garvping meats, and sue bandied or more other topios germane to the sabjeos of cookery, has never been equaled in any cook book or other publication of like character.

One great advantage of the large majority of its recipes lies in the fact that one doss not have to live in New York or near big market to make dish after them. It is the poor man's, as well as the rioh woman's sook book. JOTTINGS ABOUT TOWN. Sanday sebool teachers' and Bible students' normal class will meet this evening al 7:80 at the Presbyterian olsroh. A full attendance is requested, All membera of Ospital Lodge, No.

2, are requested to meet at A. U. W. ball one o'olook, Friday, to attend the funeral of the wife of Bro. James G.

McLean. Commissioner Merrill a bae secured spaos the Midwinter fair for display of Montapa grains and grasses, and arrangements are now being made to collect and forward such an exhibit. At the Mecca clab's masquerade ball Tuesday evening Mrs. Marshmen represonted THE INDEPENDENT and Miss Burns the Herald. 'The ball was a great success, large number being in attondance.

Articles of incorporation have been fled by the Illinois Consolidated Mining and Milling company. The capital stook is fixed $300,000, divided into $10 shares. Operations will carried on la Jefferson county. The Associated Charities particularly requ-s4 persens who have cast off clothing and have ne means of sending them down to leave their address with the agent, at Room 24, Bailey blook, and they will be sent for. Men's, and infanta' olothes are specially wanted.

Changes Among Great Northern offloials are of almost daily ocearrence. Among she latest announced is that Advertising Agent Folsom has been appointed immigration agent for Idaho, Montana and Washington. Mr. Folsom will continue to edit sue Northern Balletia for the present at least. As advertising agent he has been sucoseded by M.

E. Nichole, formerly with General Passenger Agent Whitney. Chief Clerk Beale. of the general baggage department, has severed bis connection with 00n- pany. B.

O. Lundberg has been appoluted private secretary to Col. Clougb, vice ident, vice E. 1. Stevenson, deceased.

Everyone Invited To oall and see complete line of china, glassware, lamps, silverware, ato. Prices to suit every purse. Beat goods, lowest prices. F. J.

EDWARDS, 8 Park Avenue. The latest thing out. Galatea oloth and Marseilles duck, wash goods for spring wear. all line just received at Bands Bros. "Now.

good digestion health on Health, good appetite by using the celebrated Arrivals at the Langan, Billings A Hedley John liegoning, Hadersburg Stevenson, ton, Mra Edwin Adame, Moorhead, Minu Len Lewis. Fort Logan Jas Kimble, port Logan Frei subser, Townsend Smith, Forsytho Metter, Ft en on Hartley, Alissonla Mre De Witt, Wyoming. Pa El Potting, John Ray, Philipsbarg Gaunt, Great A Gibson. I imini Mra McNeill, Boulder Chas Hosteld, Badersbara Trerise, Dry Gulch wait on appetite, -Macbeth. uh.

and digestion are insured "Hex flour." Grand Central. Sherman, White Sulphur Springs HE helps, Alhambra Finch, niverside, Cal A Schreibor, Diamond ity hurchman, Bismarok Peter Wild, Maryaville Hanna, Wickes Kelchmer, iokville Erickeon, Lewistown A A McDonald. Philipsburg Murray, Comet. A artin. I rinity Colo, Last Helena McNeill, Boulder Mra Thomas Mayne, Wiokes W- MoKeoun.

Miscoals. Arrivals I at The Helenn. Chas Severance, Oka Tiatig, Jr, CincinJ. Prosser. Davenport.

nati Ja Mr and Nre HarGoo A Patman and wife. ley. Ft Pant Minnespolia Meaning. MinnoM Gundts, Townsend spolia Id nagen. Townsend Frank Showers, BoulGeo Irvin, Butte doe Wt omick, Butto 1.

Herman. Chicago A Lindeman. St Paul Jno Great MoShane, Great Falls Falls A mootta, Toston Tom Cooney, city Clarke, Neihart L. 8 Smith, Great Falls Gaffney, houlder 13 Gaffney, Boulder John Parks, city Clarence MicKoin, Wm Riddell, ElkTownsend horn Quinn. city The stomach complaints, indispositions, and transitory pains, which afflict so many nervous persons are dispelled by taur, To be bad of the principal druggi-te.

DIED McLEAN-On Feb 7. Mrs. Annis Mo Lean, aged 41 years, three months and three days. Funeral Friday at two p. m.

invited. Interment in the Benton avenue cemetery. Vera Rebekah Lodge I. 0. 0.

F. No. Meets second and fourth Tharaday in each month at 1. 0. 0.

F. hall, Jackson at roat. Viaiting niembers are cordially invited to attend. MRE. CLARA J.

N. G. Mrs. AGNES CHRISTIE, Rec. Seo.

Montana Legion No, 1, K. of A. 0. V. W.

There will be a session of Mon'ana Logion No. 8. K. of 0. every shuraday, evening 7:80 o'clock at the A.

0. U. W. hall. Comrades are requested to attend.

Attest: BILVARMAN. 8. K. Com, D. BEARY, M.

K. Recorder. Myrtle Ledge, No. 3, K. of P.

Moota every Thursday Regular meeting of above lodge will be held this Thursday ovenIng at eight o'clock sharp. Hojourning brothers are kindly invited attend. OTTO JECK, JACOR of and 8. FORT HARRISON Will begin to loom up in the near future. Every Contractor and Builder in the state will figure on the buildings.

Many Carpenters will be employed, and some of them will need new tools. Our large and complete line of Mechanical and Wood- Working Tools demands the attention of every mechanic in the state. There has never been so large a stock of fine tools in the state as we display. Prices are lower than ever before. THE WISE TRAVELER, Selecting Ilia Setiroad, Icoute, felecta the Kond That affords excellent and most comfortable Milwaukee." That traverses a delightful and portion of the Mi.wankee." That has--and merits--the repatation of strength and Milwaukee." That enjoys popularity and la atamned with publio approval- Milwaukee." That has a substantial roadbed sud most frequent train Milwaukee." That, regarde, always, the comfort, 0886 and safety of its Milwaukee." That furnishos the latest private compariment oars Intest librarysmoking Milwaukee." Thai furnishes elegant drawing room parlor ORTA, free reelining chair cars and sumptuous dining That bae exolasive use of the eleotrio berth reading Mil The Milwaukee" combines all the above and more, too, Its trains are vestibuled, heated by steam, eleetrio lighted and serpassed in laxnelous appointments.

The immortal Lineoln said: "Follow the reople and you cannot be far from right." The people ase "'The Milwankee." J. J. CONLEY, Asst. Gem, Pass. Act.

St. Paal, Minn. ains daily from Twin Cities to Chicago; one to St. Louis and one to Kansas City. PIATT HEATH.

Reoms 6 and 7 Thompson Minok. FOR SALE. foot lot front for for businees the in best the vacant city. adjoining the Montana National bank boildine. $5200 groom brick location: and trees.

atone lawn, honse bath. first steam hest, all modern, nearly new. House cost to build $7000. Easy terms, Tot 100x120. $3600-six heat.

frame, terms. Sprace street, hot FOR RENT. $25 Seven room brick, with bath, 719 Spruce atreet. $15-Five room frame, Hollins avenue. $20-Four rooms, furnished, Hollins avenue.

$32- Nine room street. frame, bath and gas 656 room brick, with bath. Easterly addition. $13-Five roome, 508 Madison avenue. $25-Six room brick.

with bath. 841 Sixth room brick, with bath. 645 $25-Bich born avenue, with stable. -3 room frame, 311 Raleigh street. $12-Seven room firet-olase brick house.

with bath, Eleventh -Four room frame, 1020 Eighth aveuue. $18 frame with bath, 319 Chaucer street. room room street. briok. corner Dearborn and $12- Hauser PIATT HEATH Rooms 0 and Thompson Block.

Poor Thing! How It Did Sufferl And all because we did not know about those Teething Rings and Nipples combined. My, how gant they are, and so cheap, too. Well! All the very latest in New Foods, Rubber Tubing, Nipples, and a thousand and one things all fresh from the factory, in our window. "Why does your baby cry at night?" "The tube is old and probably dirty." your Ohi. no.

Just this: Get a new one. We sell the best in the entire line. -D' Drug Co. Broker in Small and Large Warrants, Time Checks and. Miscellaneous Securities.

Granite Block. CLARENCE J. JOHNSON, Architect and Superintendent 105 POWER BUILDING. FOUNDRY -ANDMachine Shops Manufacturera of Mining Cars, Ore and Water Buckets, Iron and Brass Castings at the shortest notice. General repairing of all classes of machinery, general or electric.

Helena Iron Works. FULLER AVENUE. STEADMAN'S OLD FOUNDRY, A. M. Hotter Hardware Company WE CLOSE AT 6 O'CLOCK P.

M. STEELE, HINDSON Jobbers of Hay, Grain, Flour, Feed, Rolled Oats, Corn, Meal, Potatoes, Etc. Wholesale Agents for the Celebrabrated ROYAL BANNER AND MONTANA BELLE FLOUR. TELEPHONE NC. 1 The best storage facilities in the olty.

1822 BOZEMAN BT. Eggs. The One Candy and Pioneer Fruit House of Montana. Batter. Chewing Gum deESTABLISHED 1883.

Apples partment in the Cider. largest in MonLemons. CO well assorted stook Oranges. tans and contains Cranberries, You can buy chewLINDSAY Nuts of ail kinds. ing Gum of us Figs and Dates.

Fruits and Produce. Chicago prices Garden Seeds. Will forward price Field Heeds. HELENA, MONT, WHOLESALE ONLY list to dealers on Grass Seeds. application.

Sole Agents for "Bill Nye" Cigars. CLARKE CURTIN to Clarke, Conrad HARDWARE Nails, Steel and Iron. Sole agents for Bridge Beach Everthing Needed in Manufacturing General Cook Stoves and Ranges House Furnishing Goods. And Wm. G.

Fischer At Cost for Cash: Wrought Steel Ranges. Heating Stoves, All Kinds Give us a Trial and You Will Call Again. Telephone No. 90. 42-44 South Main Street.

NORTHERN LINE Montana Central Railway TIME TABLE. In Effect October 24, 1893. ARRIVE AT HELENA. No. 24.

Atlantio Express, eastbound 12:25 p. No, 28. Pacifie 1 I 5:15 p. No. 2.

Butto Local, daily except 6:10 p. DEPART FROM MELENA. No. 1. Butte Local, daily, except a.

In No. 23. 24. Facitio Atlantic Express, Express, en 12:35 5:25 p. 10 Palace and Tourist Sleeping Cars.

Buffet Smoking Library Car. Passengers booked to Europe by the following first class lines: Cunard, White Star, Anchor, Ked star. Allan, American, and othere. Prepaid passages from Europo arrau god. For farther information, maps, rates, call at No.

6 North Main Street, Helene. Or write the nndoraigne! C. W. PITTS. City Ticket Agent.

WA. HARDER, General Agent. J. L. SMITH Freight and Transfer Line HELENA, MONT.

All kinds of merchandise and other freighta, orva. promptly, transferred from the depot. Orders receive prompt attention. Unice at J. Feldbera's Store and at the depot Harper's Bazar.

ILLUSTRATED. 1894. Harper's BAZAR is a journal for the home. I gives the fullest and latest information abont Fashio: 4: and its numerous illustrations. Paris designs, pattern-sheet supplements are dispensable alike to the home dross-maker and the professional modiste.

No expense is spare i to make its artistio attractiveness of the highest order. Its bright stories, am sing comedies, and thoughtfal casaye satialy all tastes, and itA last page is famona budget of wit and humor. In its weekly issues everything in eloded which of interest to women. The Serials for 1894 will be written by Willian Black and Walter Resant. Short stories will be written by Mary Wilkins.

Maria Louise Pool, Kath Mol pery Etuart, Marion Harland, and others. Out-door Sports and a door Games, Sooirl Patertainment, Imbroidery, interesting topic. will receive constant attenton. A now series 18 promise i of and Repatee. HARPER'S PERIODICALS.

Per Year: HARPER'S MAG ZINE $4:00 HARPER'S 4.00 HARPER'8 HAZAR. 00 HARPEN'S YOUNG 2.00 Postage free to all subscribers in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The Volumes of the Bazar begin with the firstNumber for January of each year. When no time is mentioned, subscriptions will begin with the Number current at the time ot receipt of order. Bound Velames of BAZAR for the roars back, in neat cloth bindine.

will be sent by mail, postage paid, or by express, free of expease (provided the freight does not exosed one dollar per volume), for $7.00 per volame. Cloth Cases for esch volume, suitable for binding. will be sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of $1.00 each. Remittances should he made by Post-office Money Order or Draft, to avoid chance or loss. Newspapers are not to copy this advertisem*nt without the expross order of Harper de Brothers.


on Full Staff brands Henendez," band. line of like Opheim, Give Key "Lillian us "Principe 38 West. a S. call. and Russel," de Main and St, Domestic Next many "La Cigars.

to Flor others Cruse de Leading always Bank. Juan.

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