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Tokyo may have a long way to go before Shibuya’s Halloween nights fully resume, but there are plenty of other events to mark on your calendar in October. As the weather begins to cool, there are outdoor festivals and events including the return of the Oedo Antique Market and the first Mind Travel Music Festival. If you are looking for arts and culture, you can enjoy a dance at Tahiti Festa or watch your new favorite movie at the Tokyo International Film Festival. Disguises optional.

September 10 – October 10

21 081 Challenge intensify

With the pandemic wreaking havoc over the past two years, conversations about mental health remain as relevant as ever. TELL Japan, an organization dedicated to providing professional advice and support to Japan’s international community, challenges runners across the country to step up in the name of mental health. The first race in 2019 called everyone to the top of Tokyo Tower. This year, use a fitness tracker and participate wherever you are in the country. Can you reach 21,081 steps?

Admission: 6,000 (Team), 1,500 (Adult), Free (Children under 12)
tahiti festa, october events

October 2 – 17

Tahiti Festival 2021

Tahiti’s biggest event in Japan is back offline and will be held at Odaiba Venus Fort in October. Dance while listening to performances by Tahitian dance groups or stroll through the stalls of Tahitian-related candy vendors. Even though the dream vacation destination may still seem far away, you can still explore Tahitian culture and find a piece of the famous island of French Polynesia here in Tokyo.

Fort of Venus of Odaiba
1-3-15 Aomi, Koto-ku
Admission fee
oedo antique market, october events

October 4 & 24

Oedo Antique Market

Are you looking for something… old? If so, you will definitely find something of interest at Oedo, Japan’s largest outdoor antique market. Transformed in recent months into the venue for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the Tokyo International Forum once again welcomes the fond and lovers of antiques to its monthly market.

Tokyo International Forum
5-1-3 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku
Admission fee
makoto wada art

October 9 – December 19

Makoto Wada exhibition

Makoto Wada (1936-2019) is widely known as an illustrator and graphic designer, but he has also worked in the fields of film, essays, music composition, animation, and art direction. This exhibition is the first to take a closer look at the immense and diverse work of Makoto Wada. Discover facets of Makoto Wada that you have never experienced before and develop a new appreciation for one of Japan’s leading contemporary artists.

Tokyo Opera City Art Gallery
3-20-2 Nishi Shinjuku
Entrance: 1,200
golden shower theater

October 15 – 17

Golden shower

François Chaignaud has been widely praised in France for his work as a dancer and choreographer and Akaji Maro is one of the main representatives of modern Japanese dance known as butoh. Now, Chaignaud and Maro are working together to create and realize a dream collaboration at SePT. After seven years of development “Golden Shower ” is a chance to see two of the world’s most acclaimed theater artists together in action.

Setagaya Public Theater
4-1-1, Tashido, Setagaya-ku
Admission: 4,500 (student and member discounts available
spirit travel festival

October 16 – 17

Mind Travel Music Festival

Mind Travel is the newest outdoor music festival in Japan. The first music festival to be held at the Lotte Arai Resort in Myokyo, Niigata, the festival will feature three music stages, bonfires, a tent sauna and CBD represents all your live music and relaxation needs. Packages include hotel stay options and camping experiences with onsen pools to unwind after a long day of partying in the mountains with some of the best indie, pop, rock and hip-hop artists that Japan has. to offer.

Lotte Arai ski resort
1966 Ryozenji, Myoko Town, Niigata
Admission: 20,000 (two-day festival ticket)

October 16

Aya Gloomy, STsKi, Tamana Ramen

Aya Gloomy, NTsKi and up and coming AV duo Tamana ramen will perform together at WALL & WALL on October 16th live and streaming. Aya Gloomy has been widely acclaimed internationally for her versatility and style, NTsKi is an artist from Kyoto who captures the attention of local and international stages with her genre-defying musicality and Tamana Ramen is an audiovisual duo made up of sisters Hikam and Hana. Watch them all live or online on October 16.

3/18/19, Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku
Entry: 3,000 (live), 1,500 (streaming)
tokyo art book fair

October 28 – 31

Tokyo Art Book Fair 2021

This year’s Tokyo Art Book Fair will be held in a smaller but more dynamic format. Held alongside a virtual version of the fair for those who might not be able to attend in person, the TABF stands showcase a huge range of art books, zines and publications by local and international artists. Explore exhibits such as 2020 Solidarity, involving posters from over 50 supporting artists, Covid “Positive,” featuring works from around the world focused on the pandemic, and more.

Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo (in person)
4-1-1 Miyoshi, Koto-ku
TABF website (Virtual location)
Entrance: 1,000 (place in person), free (virtual place)
crying macho, october events

October 30 – November 8

Tokyo International Film Festival 2021

The 34th Tokyo International Film Festival focuses on the concept of crossing borders. The films selected focus on themes such as communication disruptions, gender discrimination and international conflicts. This year’s visual concept was devised by acclaimed fashion designer Junko Koshino, who invites viewers to explore a film that moves into the wind and into the future.

Hibiya-Yurakucho-Ginza area
Ticket information will be available through the website
Chrysanthemum, October events

End of October

Jindai Botanical Gardens Chrysanthemum Show

As the imperial flower of Japan, many festivals all over Tokyo will celebrate its bloom this season, but we recommend this chrysanthemum show held at Jindai Botanical Gardens. The expansive Botanical Garden is probably best known for containing Tokyo’s largest rose garden, but it also offers seasonal flower beds for year-round variety.

Jindai Botanical Gardens
5-31-10 Jindaiji Motomachi, Chofu
Entrance: 500
Jindai Botanical Gardens website

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