The 19th century French scarab brooch is one of the five lots to watch this week

Late 19th century French scarab brooch – estimate £ 2,000-2,500 at East Bristol Auctions on November 3rd.

1. French scarab brooch

This late 19th century French scarab brooch with 18k gold ingot, garnet and pearl body, ruby ​​cabochon eyes and rose cut diamond highlights is 6cm long.

East Bristol Auctions expect it to make £ 2000-2500 on November 3.

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2. Snow White Toys


Full set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs soft toys from the Chad Valley Company in 1937 – estimate £ 250-350 at C&T on November 3.

This complete set of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs plush is the larger of two sizes manufactured by the Chad Valley Company in 1937.

Snow White with a molded felt face, painted features and a black hairstyle, stands 16½ inches (42 cm) tall, while her vertical challenge companions stand approximately 10 inches (25 cm) tall.

In good overall condition with original clothing (one shoe is missing and Doc has lost his glasses), the set is expected to fetch £ 250-350 at C&T in Kenardington, Kent on November 3.

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3. WWII battle ensign


A white ‘battle’ flag flown by HMS Exeter during the action leading up to the scuttling of the German ‘pocket battleship’ SMS Admiral Graf Spee – estimated £ 2,000 to £ 3,000 at auction of Charles Miller on November 2.

A white “battle” flag flown by the HMS Exeter during the action which led to the scuttling of the German “pocket battleship” SMS Admiral Graf Spee in World War II is one of the highlights of Charles Miller’s auction of maritime and scientific models, instruments and art on November 2.

Exeter, Commodore Harwood’s badly damaged flagship, limped into Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands shortly after dramatic action with Admiral Graf Spee December 13, 1939 (Battle of River Plate). After escorting Exeter to a safe anchorage, the steam trawler Port-Richard was commissioned as a tender (Exeter, having all succumbed in combat) and had to cope with its crew of 660 people, of whom 63 were killed and 23 others seriously injured.

Exeter it itself was little more than a floating ruin and needed sufficient emergency repairs to bring it back to the UK for full reclamation.

Master of the Port-Richard was Joseph Lanning, a Falkland Islander by birth, who by 1939 held several positions in the community, including part-time harbor master and police officer.

Lanning, who also had to deal with the Achille, full of exhausted and injured men, then received the 1.85 x 3.73 m (6’1 “x 12’3”) sign as a token of appreciation. Later in his life he moved to the UK and proudly kept the sign as a souvenir.

It is offered with a number of instants including a letter on Exeter stationery from Captain FS Bell and a handwritten memoir from Lanning which mentions the ensign’s presentation in 1940.

The Graf Spee was scuttled on December 17 after taking refuge in Montevideo on the estuary of the River Plate.

Estimate £ 2000-3000.

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4. Photo by Fred Yates


The Estuary, Cornwall by Fred Yates – estimate between £ 800 and £ 1,200 at Olympia Auctions on November 3.

This painting by Fred Yates (1922-2008) will be one of the highlights of the UK and Continental auction of images and prints of over 260 lots at Olympia Auctions in West London on November 3.

The estuary, Cornwall, signed lower right, an oil on cardboard measuring 28 x 30 cm (11 x 11¾in), is estimated between £ 800 and £ 1,200.

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5. Whistler printing


Engraving by James Abbott McNeill Whistler’s Thames Set depicting the Expedition to Rotherhithe 1860 – estimate £ 1,200 to £ 1,800 at Roseberys London on November 2.

This etching by James Abbott McNeill Whistler Whole Thames represents the expedition to Rotherhithe (Wapping). Signed and dated 1860 in the plate, it goes on sale at the Roseberys London Prints Sale on November 2 with a guide of £ 1200-1800.

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