Scott Morrison wants Mike Baird to take over former Tony Abbott seat


Free at last, free at last, thanks to Almighty God, we are finally free.

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Great Scott, they wouldn’t dare

Before becoming Prime Minister, John Howard said “times would suit me” and it turned out to be right.

Until recently these times were also suitable for Scott Morrison, but these days they are changing and he does not change with them. This is most evident when it comes to her steadfastness in handling what is nothing less than an uprising of Australian women on half a dozen fronts at a time.

As an example, I offer the fact that even in a business environment of great moment and very delicate sensitivities, the Prime Minister systematically refers to Brittany Higgins and Christine Holgate as respectively “Brittany” and “Christine”, all as he refers to Gender Discrimination Commissioner Kate Jenkins as “Kate”.


Why? He is not friends with any of them and the use of their first names appears paternalistic. It would be such an easy thing to fix, to treat them with the formal respect they deserve, but either he refuses to do it or – as I suspect – it’s just not in him.

You do not agree? Well, would any of them call him “Scott”?

Would it be good if they did, or outrageously presumptuous?

I rest my case.

Another thing on her tongue, while I have you.

According to the Prime Minister, we went to Afghanistan to fight for “freedom”.

Is that so? Americans continue to view “freedom” as the ultimate solution to any military action, but we Australians have always been a little more nuanced. And if freedom was our real motive, PM, why don’t we call on Xinjiang province to free the Uyghurs? Why aren’t the Americans?

Joke of the week

A man walks into an antique store and begins to look around. Suddenly, he contemplates the most beautiful bronze statue of a Siamese cat. He asks the store owner how much he wants for the statue. The store owner replies, “It’s $ 200 for the statue and $ 2000 for the story that goes with it.”

The man replies, “I really don’t care about the story, but I want the statue.”

As the man leaves the store, two cats are waiting for him at the door, and 10

are there as he gets to the other side of the crossing. He goes several more blocks and, at another crosswalk, looks behind him again. This time there are about 50 cats sitting watching him.

The man starts to get a little nervous and picks up his pace when the light changes. By the time he reaches the pier at the end of the street, he’s been running for several blocks now, and there are 200 of them!

Frantic, he arrives at the end of the pier, pursued by 300! He does the only thing he can, and throws the statue into the water, after which each of them walks in after her! Back at the store, the store owner sees him and says, “I knew you would come back for the story!”

“To hell with the story,” the man blows, “do you have a statue of a politician?

Tweet of the week

Me: “Onion rings and a bottle of wine.” . . “

Server: “White or red?”

Me, trying to impress my date: “Whichever onion the chef prefers.”


Quotes of the week

“The simple truth is that I have been bullied for my job. I was humiliated and driven to despair. I was thrown under the bus so that the president of the Australia Post could curry favor with his political masters. But I’m still here and I’m stronger to survive it. – Christine Holgate, on her experience as CEO of Australia Post female on the Senate References Committee on Environment and Communications.

“Enough prayers. It’s time to take action. “- US President Joe Biden has vowed to introduce sound gun laws to curb endless gun killings in his country.

“What’s wrong with these people? Don’t they see what is good for them? – Prince Philip after the failed referendum of the Australian republic in 1999, recalled this week before his funeral yesterday. Oh, calm down. The source was Queen Robert Lacey’s biographer. And as early as 1968, during a solo trip to Australia, The Canberra Times reported his speech to the National Press Club, “If Australians decided they preferred a republic to the current constitutional arrangement, he said, there would be no ‘disruption’ in Whitehall. “It should be settled by negotiation and not by an insult.” The fundamental question was what was best for the Australian people. “

“The only jab successfully delivered by Scott Morrison was the jab to get rid of Malcolm Turnbull.” – Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese targets extremely slow rollout of vaccination in Australia, which places us 104th in the world, just between Bangladesh and Lebanon.

“Systems, processes and people are failing Jack, Jennifer and Olga Edwards, I’m sorry for that. We must take responsibility for their deaths. “- NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said the force must take responsibility for the shooting deaths of Jack and Jennifer Edwards at the hands of their abusive father, John. Edwards shot Jack, 15, and Jennifer, 13, with a Glock pistol legally owned and acquired at their home in West Pennant Hills in North West Sydney in July 2018. Then he returned home to Hornsby and turned the gun on itself.

“At this point, there is no change to the scheduled restart of our international flights, we will continue to dialogue with the government.” – A Qantas spokesperson said the airline’s plan to restart most of its international network later this year has been questioned by Australia’s delayed vaccination schedule, which threatens to leave its international border. closed beyond October.

“It’s weird. Other companies would have simply said: “Mate, this is not sustainable”. I offered to quit early [of the war crimes scandal] and they said, “No”. “- Ben Roberts-Smith, a senior executive at Seven West Media, reveals in a legally made recording his contempt for the company he helps run, his dislike for his colleagues at Seven West, and his disbelief that he still runs the Company operations in Queensland despite being at the center of a war crimes scandal.

“Today, 30 years after the [Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody] report was filed, these words still carry such force. Self-determination for First Nations peoples is still lacking in this country. This unfinished business cannot be separated from all that is being done to try to prevent the deaths of First Nations people in custody. – State Coroner Teresa O’Sullivan.

“There is a market for fools.” – Malcolm Turnbull, referring to News Corp media and the damage he said they and other right-wing groups had done to American democracy, culminating in the attack on the United States Capitol on January 6.

“I have long admired Fred’s courage in standing up for the truth under some of the most vitriolic and irrational opposition and I feel honored to have the opportunity to continue to be such a voice for NSW and our nation. – Lyle Shelton, a self-proclaimed culture warrior, activist against same-sex marriage and former boss of the Australian Christian lobby, who will now take the lead of Fred Nile’s Christian Democrat party in the upper house of New South Wales as Nile to retire. Shelton was campaign manager of the ‘No’ campaign in the 2017 same-sex marriage campaign and unsuccessfully contested the 2019 federal election for the Australian Conservative Party from Cory Bernardi, collecting – point three, wear one, subtract two – 5533 voice.

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