Park West Gallery Hosts Online Fundraiser for Ukrainian Relief Efforts


Upcoming Park West auction donating 100% of sales of over 100 works to the Ukrainian Red Cross

SOUTHFIELD, Mich., March 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — West Park Gallery is organizing a special fundraiser to support the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Ukraine during their March 10-13 live online art auctions.

Ukrainian artist Anatole Krasnyansky will be one of the featured artists in Park West Gallery’s special online fundraiser for Ukrainian relief efforts beginning Thursday, March 10.

West Parkthe world’s largest art dealer, will donate 100% of proceeds from more than 100 works of art to the Ukrainian Red Cross, which repairs infrastructure, supports families and provides food, water and medicines to those who need them in Ukraine.

To participate, interested parties need only go to to register for the online auction.

The live auctions will take place from Friday March 11 by Sunday March 13.

Two of the featured artists are from Romania, the former child prodigy Alexandra Nechita with a collection of paintings on canvas, paintings on paper, sculptures and graphic works, and the famous abstract artist András Markós with a collection of paintings and ceramics. weekend will go to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

The auctions will also feature artwork by two Ukrainian-American artists – Anatole Krasnyansky was born in Kyiv and the end Igor Medvedev came from Kharkov. An original painting as well as an edition of graphic works will be made available to each of the artists, and 100% of the proceeds will go to relief efforts.

Three other acclaimed American artists—Autumn de Forest, James Colman, and Mark Kostabi (who comes from an Estonian family) – will also offer an original painting as well as an edition of graphic works to the charity auction. 100% of the profits will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Ultimately, West Park will donate two works from their museum collection to the fundraiser – a Millennium Edition print by Dutch master Rembrandt van Rijn and an original creation by the famous Israeli legend Yaakov Agam. 100% of the profits will also go to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

“What’s going on in Ukraine right now is a tragedy,” said Park West founder and CEO Albert Scaglione. “Ukraine has a wonderful cultural and artistic history, and we believe that this fundraiser is very important for the Ukrainian people and will bring significant help. »

Anyone can attend next weekend’s live auction – just fill in Park West’s an online booking form and information to register for the event will be provided:

You can find more information about the Ukrainian Red Cross and its mission as well as links to donate directly to their efforts here:

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Late Ukrainian artist Igor Medvedev and Park West Gallery founder and CEO Albert Scaglione in 1999.

Late Ukrainian artist Igor Medvedev and Park West Gallery founder and CEO Albert Scaglione in 1999.



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