NFTAuction.Exchange helps solve an important issue: who can own NFT

TURKEY CITY, Pa., June 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Recently, NFTAuction.Exchange announced that it has made significant progress in helping people access and own NFT. Total sales of NFT reached $ 2 billion in the first quarter, according to data from Nonfungible, a website that tracks the market.

Digital art can easily be cloned, but non-fungible tokens make it safe for buyers to claim it.

A non-fungible token (NFT) is an electronic identifier that verifies the existence and ownership of a digital collection. The technology has been around for at least 2017 and is an offshoot of the crypto boom of 2021, which also runs on blockchain.

Many people are drawn to NFT technology because of its democratizing nature: anyone can go online and buy goods and works that come with a public ledger of all of its history – when it was made, who owned it, who bought it and for how much.

This is described as a departure from previous art purchases, in which investors store valuable works of art for a time when they will be more valuable.

Case in point: In March, South Carolina-based graphic designer Beeple, real name Mike Winkelmann, sold an NFT for a record $ 69 million at a Christie’s auction. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey sold his first tweet as NFT for $ 2.9 million later this month.

The popularity of cryptocurrencies and the rise of speculation in the art market have been around for some time – but the pandemic continues to fuel the industry’s success of a technology like NFTs.

In the 2020s and 2021s, when we strangely and radically have to move most of our lives online, it has opened up or accelerated the process of valuing digital goods in a similar way. We value material goods.

NFT auctions (NFTAuction.Exchange) work much like online auctions on platforms like eBay. Each work is posted online with its title, number and owner.

But with NFTACE it is much easier, most of the NFT technologies only apply to influencers or famous artwork, so NFTACE makes it easier for anyone who can access and own NFT the way it is. easiest and most secure.

In other words: By using ACE, the buyer will pay for a work of art on the NFT auction platform and will in return receive an address confirming the purchase and possession of the digital goods.

This is a project developed for the community, you can make the transaction of art or digital goods in an easy way. Log in, connect your personal portfolio address and proceed to the creation of stands and the sale of artistic products (photos, videos, music, memes …) or digital goods (domains, services …)

This is the start of the NFT market as developers, celebrities, and businesses join in. Expanding the market for NFTACE to everyone is therefore a step in the right direction at this time, which means a lot to make NFT more accessible to anyone, anywhere.

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