New pricing data reveals the cost of cooking breakfast at home is at a boiling point as price hikes hit home appliances


“Not so long ago, people were investing in espresso machines and honing their barista skills at home, making white dishes and latte art at home, and also making bread,” said Liisa Matinvesi- Bassett, New Zealand country manager for PriceSpy. .

“With our data highlighting how much prices have risen, buyers may want to think twice before investing in these types of purchases at this time.

“If Kiwis really need to buy breakfast appliances right now, we encourage people to watch price developments closely and not impulse buy,” Matinvesi-Bassett suggested.

“Monitoring and tracking prices regularly will help buyers gauge when prices are high and when the right time is to buy. So many factors are impacting the price of commodities right now. Inflation, for example, is still at a 30 year high. Then there are the broader issues of COVID-19 affecting global manufacturing and supply chains, as well as the rising cost of fuel prices and of course the weather. difficult in Europe.

“In these uncertain times, buyers really need to be very careful about the price they pay for goods, as prices change daily. Performing a quick, free and easy to do price search before buying will help make a difference so people can save money, not overpay, and make a more informed buying decision.”


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