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Animation is a unique art form that requires both creativity and focus to bring it to life. Software has made the study and practice of animation more democratic, but access to tools and training has not kept pace even as the demand for animation in advertising, presentations, presentation, etc. game design and other fields has skyrocketed.

The Complete Set for Windows Cartoon Animator 4 Pro gives you everything you need to get started with animating, with both tools and training in one set. But act fast, because this price drop will only be available until December 31.

For starters, the pack comes with Cartoon Animator 4 Pro. Formerly CrazyTalk Animator, one of TopTenReviews’ picks for best 2D animation software, this package is designed to get newbies into animating quickly. It offers a wide range of effects and simple tools to get started, and there are more depths to explore as you become more comfortable.

Then there is a full course on the 12 principles of animation. Taught by Master Animator Mark Diaz, the course reviews the fundamentals of point-to-point animation, exploring how animation is drawn, how static images are turned into moving images, how to time and stage your work, and more.

Finally, the Motion 3D Sampler introduces novice animators to the art of transferring 3D movement into 2D art. This sampler gives you a library of 3D to 2D movements, coupled with instructions on how animators transferred real-world combat moves, dances and gestures to line art in a smooth and easy way.

Animation offers both a powerful outlet for creativity and a unique skill that you can add to your resume to make yourself stand out. If you’re curious about what it takes to bring your art to life, this set, now on sale for $ 49.99, offers the perfect way to start exploring.

Prices subject to change.

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