Marco Rubio applauds Florida law protecting workers in ‘modern day debtors’ prison’

As of July 1, student loan defaults can no longer prevent people from working in their undergraduate fields, with state law passed this year to protect these workers.

The legislation was bipartisan, respectively sponsored by Democratic Rep. Nicolas duran and Republican Senator. Travis Hutson

Students who qualify will have graduated from an “accredited college or university” and it is hoped that this bill will enable them “to avoid falling into poverty” and perhaps “to apply for public aid ”.

The bill passed the House unanimously and saw only one no vote in the Senate. Senator Joe gruters, the current president of the Florida Republican Party, feared that the bill would “reward people who are fundamentally bad payers.”

The legislation could prove crucial for many, especially healthcare professionals, who have seen their sources of income questioned during the economic turmoil of recent months.

US Senator Marco rubio, a carrier of similar legislation in the United States Senate, welcomed the legislation Tuesday, saying it kept these workers out of what he saw as a “modern-day debtor prison.”

Rubio “applauded… decisive action to protect borrowers who are struggling to repay their student loans.”

“It is wrong to threaten a borrower’s livelihood by canceling a professional license for those who are already struggling to repay their student loans, and it robs hard-working Americans of decent work,” Rubio said. .

The senator pledged to “work with my colleagues to pass my bipartisan job protection law to resolve this ‘catch-22’ and ensure that borrowers can keep working to pay off their loans, instead. to be caught in a modern day debtor “prison.”

The “Keeping our graduates at work, Which emerged as a committee bill during the 2020 legislative session in the House and Senate, imposes a moratorium on the suspension of licenses, certificates and professional permits solely on the basis of default or d ” a default on student loans.

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