Man charged with tractor-trailer theft in Owego


A refrigerated semi-trailer stolen in Tioga County has been found in the Philadelphia area and a suspect has been arrested.

Authorities say Michael C. Johnson, 34, of Darby, Pa., Has been charged with robbery.

According to the Tioga County Sheriff’s Office, Johnson was arrested on Monday. He was released on bail after his arraignment.

Investigators say the 53-foot-long 2020 semi-trailer was taken in a parking lot in the town of Olowo. The theft was reported by a trucking company on August 19.

The Sheriff’s Office and New York State Police have developed leads suggesting the stolen trailer may be in Philadelphia.

Philadelphia Police Department detectives located and recovered the trailer.

Officials say Johnson faces additional charges in Pennsylvania as part of the investigation.

The owner of the stolen trailer has not been identified.

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