Local artist creates portraits of pets

LUCASVILLE – Local artist Riley Galloway has teamed up with the Shawnee Animal Clinic (SAC) to pursue her passion by drawing portraits of pets.

“I started drawing maybe around third grade and it all started with a simple art competition and since then my family has been encouraging me by starting out with little sketchbooks and I just progressed since entering a contest, taking classes and getting my name out there, ”Galloway said.

Galloway is only 17 and a final year at Northwest High School. During her second year, she was offered the opportunity to team up with SAC.

“ESC Director Sharee Price met Mr. Enz and told me about this opportunity at the clinic to draw animal portraits for people whose pets have died or a simple photo of a pet they wanted to keep, ”Galloway said. “Since March 2020 or so, I’ve been doing this. “

Galloway said the loss of her own pet had a big influence on her decision to draw pets.

“I have always been an animal lover and know the joy of owning a pet, but recently a ten year old dog passed away and when he passed away, it was around the time that I ‘started doing portraits, so every time I do a portrait, I always feel it’s in her memory, ”said Galloway.

Galloway said everyone she’s worked with has been so patient and hearing other people’s stories means a lot.

“It’s something I’m really grateful for and it means the world to me because of course it helps me with money, but I also get to know people and how they connect with them. animals and how much they really appreciate them, which is really good to hear, ”Galloway said.

While still in school full time, Galloway makes pet portraits a priority when she receives an order.

“It takes about two weeks depending on the order and the school made things a bit hectic, but I still make it a priority,” Galloway said. “I have to allow time to make the grid, make sure it’s proportionate, make sure it looks like the pet, and I’ll do every little detail I can to make it as realistic as possible. . “

Galloway said that art had a great influence on his life.

“It influences everything I do in my life, every day is always about drawing, everything I do is about creativity, even my future job,” said Galloway.

After graduation, Galloway plans to go to college to become an art teacher and eventually become an art teacher.

“I hope to educate future people about art because it has affected my life so much that I want others to realize how special it is and what a difference it makes,” said Galloway.

Galloway believes that all of this would not have been possible without the influence she received from those who supported her.

“I really want to say thank you to Sharee Price, Mr. Enz and Tim Wells because without them I wouldn’t be able to expand my name and be able to do so many different portraits and meet so many new people and being given so many artistic opportunities because since then I feel a lot more prosperous, “said Galloway.” I feel like I’m supposed to be doing what I’m doing right now and from there, I can only keep going up and making people happy. “

Portraits can be purchased in black and white in 8 “x 10” for $ 50 and 11 “x 14” for $ 100 and each additional pet costs $ 25. Color designs can be purchased in 8 “x 10” for $ 75 and 11 “x 14” for $ 125 and each additional pet costs $ 35. Prices are negotiable for portraits of animals with their owner or portraits of several animals.

If you would like to purchase a portrait or for more information, contact the Shawnee Animal Clinic at (740) 353-5758.

Ohio artist Riley Galloway, 17, draws portraits of pets to benefit the Shawnee Animal Clinic (SAC). Color designs can be purchased in 8 “x 10” for $ 75 and 11 “x 14” for $ 125 and each additional pet costs $ 35.

Riley Galloway said losing her own pet had a big influence on her decision to draw pets.

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