Kristel Bechara, UAE’s first female Arab artist on NFT, opens show

Kristel Béchara.

Muhammad Yusuf, Feature Writer

Award-winning artist Kristel Bechara, the first female Arab artist to launch an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) art series from the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, presents her latest collection, Psychomachia (closing end of July) in her gallery at Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC). Located on DIFC’s Gate Avenue, Kristel Bechara Art Gallery currently houses ten of the original acrylic pieces from his new series, while the rest of the collection is on display in his Onyx Tower studio, Sheikh Zayed Road.

Psychomachia is a series of paintings named after an epic poem from the 5th century CE by the Latin poet Prudentius. Considered to be one of the most influential works of medieval allegory, the themes and ideas explored in the poem Psychomachia are timeless, with its many verses of eternal relevance.


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Inspired by the world events of 2020, Bechara’s pieces reflect her interpretation of the different stages of life she has lived throughout the year. She explores the battle between good and evil and also the gray areas between the two.

Each painting is a journey of introspection and discovery through the artist’s style of contrasting and communicative colors. The series reinvents Greek mythology through a contemporary lens, taking viewers on a journey in itself. The paintings depict mythological figures and fables in a new light, from a vantage point that can leave the viewer asking poignant questions about life, love, values ​​and the human condition.

Kristel art 1 Shield of the Byzantine General – illustration by Kristel Bechara.

Previously, Bechara announced the sale of her first piece, Satoshi Nakamoto, listed in the Beauty in Diversity & DeFi collection, on Foundation.App. After moving the piece from OpenSea (which was first listed on March 24) to Foundation.

App on March 27, his coin started receiving offers the next day. The work sold in less than 24 hours to a renowned NFT collector, outbidding the other participants for $ 1,950. His second coin, Byzantine General’s Shield, was auctioned on Foundation.App on March 25. The first auction arrived within hours, causing it to move to a tab for live auctions for a 24 hour period. After the auction began, it was sold for $ 5,324 to a prominent NFT collector, who made history by adding Kevin Roose’s New York Times NFT article to his collection for $ 600,000. The artwork depicting Nakamoto is a tribute to the alleged pseudonymous personality who developed Bitcoin.

Bechara is the first female artist from the UAE and the Middle East to launch a painting, which will only be available in NFT. The artist also released a series of limited edition paintings (25 limited editions) that could be purchased with an exchangeable NFT on OpenSea, the world’s largest digital marketplace for crypto collectibles and NFTs.

The digital art of the collection will also be exchangeable for a physical representation sent directly to the collector. She offered an NFT for every order or original painting in the future, which collectors can use as proof of ownership and certification of authenticity.

“As someone who has been creating digital art for several years, I wanted to participate in this movement as soon as I learned about it,” Bechara explains.

“I am delighted to see the recognition that digital art is finally receiving. For years, I have had to explain to people that digitally produced art is in no way inferior to traditional handcrafted art and that both should be enjoyed in their own way.

“As an artist who has created both traditional and digital art, I can attest that the authority and creative process to create each piece is the same; yet we are developed and exposed using modern tools.

According to her, NFTs will impact the art world in the following ways: It is a very powerful technology and needs to be watched closely – early adopters will reap the benefits; it will educate more people about cryptocurrencies, blockchain and smart contracts, which can impact their future financial decisions; it will elevate the status of digitally produced art; NFTs will have an impact on the art world as a whole and will be the gold standard for verifying authenticity and establishing provenance, not only for digital works of art, but also for parts produced radially; digital artwork created from 2021 onwards will most likely have an NFT, creating a more seamless story tied to the piece; it will provide artists with access to new markets and mediums to express artistic ideas and the fact that artists will finally receive royalties every time their work changes hands will have a huge impact on the industry.

Just as musicians and singers can perpetually derive income from their productions, artists too can benefit from it for longer. This will support more artists in the future and create a clearer platform for success.

Born in Lebanon and based in Dubai, Bechara is an award-winning contemporary artist who has established herself as a rising star in the art world in the Middle East. Showcasing dynamic patterns and expressive colors, his work consists of the revolutionary creation of photographic images using oil, acrylic and giclee printmaking mediums, depicting complex emotions depicting the human condition. .

Her artistic process involves creating stencil-like designs that are combined with modern mixed media lines to form fantastic multi-layered paintings. His work has been exhibited around the world, in galleries in Tokyo, Milan, Brussels and France. She won the UAE Resident Artist Award at World Art Dubai 2018 for her Beauty in Diversity collection.

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