Jay-Z Auction NFT “Heir to the Throne” Based on 1996 Debut Album “Reasonable Doubt”

Jay-Z’s debut album, “Reasonable Doubt,” turned 25 on Friday, June 25, and what better way to celebrate that milestone than seeing billionaire rap artist take the cryptocurrency route with the sale auctioned for a non-fungible token (NFT) from his album cover at Sotheby’s.

Jay-Z ‘Heir to the Throne’ NFT ‘recontextualizes’ his debut album ‘Reasonable Doubt’

The NFT, called “Heir to the Throne”, is comprised of an animated image of the original album cover art that has been rendered in vivid colors, multi-layered textures and flat-surface dimensions. Jay-Z commissioned digital artist Derrick Adams to create the NFT, which “recontextualizes” the album art, HighNobiety posted.

A statement said the image was inspired by Jay-Z and Adams’ encounters with “life on the urban streets.” The animated image features glowing embers and smoke emanating from Jay-Z’s cigar taking the shape of the number 25.

Jay-Z NFT Validates Continuing Influence Of ‘Best Rap Album Of All Time’

Sotheby’s representative Cassandra Hatton revealed in a Change report that Jay-Z’s NFT project had been in the works for weeks. She said Jay-Z’s “pioneering brilliance” is marked by the “iconic vision of acclaimed artist Derrick Adams in a bold new medium.” The continued artistic influence of “Reasonable Doubt,” she said, is commemorated with the release of “Heir to the Throne” NFT.

Jay-Z’s “Reasonable Doubt” is widely regarded as the best rap album of all time.

Adams said Jay-Z has collected and supported his work “over the years,” and this NFT collaboration, he added, is “particularly rewarding.” Stereo eraser posted. He said the NFT project aimed to seize the opportunity to “advance the conversation about how artists… contribute to a more inclusive society”.

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Adams added that his portraits would focus on capturing “the sensibility, optimism and beauty of city life,” and while working on Jay-Z’s NFT, he said: “I found a formidable kinship “.

Proceeds from Jay-Z NFT auction to benefit Rapper’s Scholarship Foundation

The “heir to the throne: an NFT to celebrate Jay-Z’s reasonable doubt 25e “Anniversary” is available through a one-lot auction at Sotheby’s, with online auctions starting at $ 1,000, Coindesk said. A share of the proceeds will go to the Shawn Carter Foundation, a non-profit organization named after the rapper offering scholarships to low-income students, HighNobiety reported.

The digital artwork can be viewed in person at Sotheby’s York Avenue galleries and virtually through Sotheby’s Gallery in the Voltaire Art District in Decentraland.

The exhibition kicked off on Friday June 25 and will last until July 2.

Sotheby’s will accept Ethereum or Bitcoin as payment options, facilitated by Coinbase Commerce.

This NFT sale coincides with “Reasonable Doubt” related lawsuits against cover photographer Jonathan Mannion for his alleged unauthorized use of the cover image, and Roc-A-Fella co-founder Dame Dash for attempted Selling an NFT from his album, HighNobiety further noted in his report.

These lawsuits appeared to be related to Jay-Z’s drive to gain the “Reasonable Doubt” cover image in the NFT world.

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