Inbred grandson of champion GC Cooper George

This proposed young bird comes from two proven breeders. Both parents contain the best of the GC Cooper lines.

The father of NWHU2021B2950 is GB10N2630 “George 2”. Bred by G + C Cooper. He is the father of winners up to the national level. He is my main stallion and his children are responsible for the winners at Club, Section and Federation level. Even at 11, he has filled all his eggs this year.

“George 2” is a direct son of Champion George winner of the 1st Grand National Tarbes 4035 Birds plus 2 RPRA Prizes. The mother of “George 2” is Miss Magnus who in turn is a daughter of Champion Racer Magnus. Magnus winner of the 19th Intnat Dax 7,192 Birds, 36th Intnat Perpignan 12,367 Birds, 33rd Intnat Dax 12,880 Birds.

The mother of NWHU2021B2950 is GB14Z96115. Another proven hen, mother of winners. She is impeccably bred being a Grdtr of Champion George 1st Grand National Tarbes, the best female ‘Pipa, Farmer George 1st International Bordeaux 10 611 Birds and Wollongong 1st International Pau 8 527 Birds. His parents are GB13N88874 and GB13J21423 see pedigrees in the gallery.

As you can see this young bird contains the best of GC Cooper Deweerdts and will go to my own loft if not sold. For more details on the pedigrees of the parents, see the photos in the gallery.

Full pedigrees will be given.

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