Get Rs 1.5 lakh in exchange for 1 rupee coin, here’s how

People often become millionaires by selling their old business on websites. As things get older they tend to sell for a higher value as they belong to the antiques category which is in high demand in the international market.

We have a similar opportunity for you that you will find on e-commerce sites these days. If you are a numismatist and love to collect old coins, let us show you how to become a millionaire.

How can a Re 1 coin make you a millionaire, change your luck?

Manufacturing of several coins in India has stopped in recent years, which has greatly increased the value of existing coins. From these rare coins, many people in India also like to “shop” for Queen Victoria coins.

Today let us tell you about such a coin and how it can make you a millionaire.

What is so special about Queen Victoria’s coin?

On Quickr, an e-commerce site, Queen Victoria’s coins from the year 1862 are for sale. You can get Rs 1.5 lakh in exchange for this coin. The Re 1 silver coin made in 1862 belongs to the category of rare coins. One can earn up to Rs. 1.5 lakh from there.

What is the process for selling your rare Re 1 coin on Quikr?

First, you will need to register as an online seller on the site. Click on a picture of the part and upload it to Quickr. If you are lucky, a buyer will contact you directly. From there, you can sell your part according to the payment and delivery terms.

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