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For some tourism-related companies, 2020 will not be a highlight in their history.

The novel coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the operations of many businesses in upstate New York. Necessary security protocols forced many people to stay in their homes over the past year rather than visiting popular sites.

In addition, cross-border traffic between Canada and the United States was closed to most people. Canadian tourists represent a large portion of the hospitality market in the north of the country.

But representatives of local tourism companies believe they have good reason to be optimistic. They are seeing signs that the industry will be doing well this year.

“People who run hotels, destinations and tourist attractions, and local chambers of commerce believe the tourism industry will rebound after a disastrous season last year when the state barred it from opening for two months due to the pandemic, ”the article reported. “Although he was reluctant to use the word ‘rebound’ to predict the season, Corey Fram, director of the 1000 Islands International Tourism Council, said all indications were that people would be back in the north of the country to move from time in river and lake communities., enjoy the outdoors and visit attractions such as Boldt Castle and the Ancient Ship Museum. He has already heard positive anecdotal things about hotel occupancy rates. Outdoor recreation shows a 200% increase over last year State parks in the region surpass all other parts of the state.

This is proof that hotel and tourism businesses will fare better this year. Coronavirus infection rates have declined and many people have been vaccinated against COVID-19. This has resulted in a relaxation of some security mandates, which provides increased freedom to engage in various activities.

However, strict restrictions at the Canadian border remain in place. It is not known when these rules will be revised and how this will affect tourism.

“At this point, no one knows when the Canadian market will open. It depends on the sufficient number of Canadians who receive the COVID-19 vaccine, [Fram] said, ”according to the Times story. “Last year, attendance at Singer Castle declined by 9,000 visitors, from about 23,000 in 2019 to 14,000 in 2020. Much of the decline came from Canadian tourists who could not cross the river. border, whether by car, charter boat or on their own. ships, said Jean Papke, deputy general manager of the attraction. While Canadians may not be back in the north this year, Kelly Layman, concierge at 1000 Islands Harbor Hotel in Clayton, said the hospitality industry can only count on visitors to the state. last year due to out-of-state travel restrictions. This situation has changed, she said. Out-of-state trips are open again and the Harbor Hotel continues to offer romantic weekends and other promotions, she said.

We can all contribute to efforts to boost the local economy. Anyone eligible should be vaccinated and continue to observe prudent health measures if necessary. This will further reduce the risk of ongoing infection, thus allowing greater freedom of activity.

And we should take advantage of opportunities when possible. Many people depend on the tourism, hospitality and event planning industries for their livelihoods – they make our region strong. Let’s show them the support they deserve and make 2021 a season to remember.

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