Dodge brings muscle car power to sedan and SUV in a more family-friendly package

In the revival of Detroit’s muscle car wars, here is the current champion of horsepower: the Dodge Challenger Hellcat Redeye.

It delivers nearly 800 horsepower from a supercharged V8.

But that might not be practical enough for some, since it only has two doors. So how about two more?

Here is its new brother for 2021, the Dodge Charger with the Red eye hellcat processing. Same 797 horsepower, same distinctive compressor sound.

If you’ve heard the phrase “screaming like a banshee”, this is what the whine of a compressor might sound like. At full throttle, combined with the V8’s raspy exhaust, it’s well known that this is a muscle car.

But a muscle car in a more family-friendly package, with a decent-sized rear seat for two or three. Also standard on the Charger Hellcat Redeye, the widebody styling treatment, with fender flares to wrap around the massive wheels and tires, which in turn surround the massive brakes.

This car also stops as it goes, fortunately. It can be incredibly powerful, but it can be used as a convenient day-to-day transport if you want to. Just plan plenty of refueling, as the official EPA fuel economy is estimated at 12 mpg city driving and 15 mpg combined. (Highway fuel economy is officially rated at 21 mpg.) This charges the car a federal tax on gasoline consumers upon purchase, which helps push the sticker price up to over $ 80,000.

Some might wonder how an automaker can ONLY make fuel-hungry muscle cars. Well, Dodge is not an automaker, but a brand that is part of the whole Stellantis business. They have other brands to suit other tastes, so it was decided some time ago that Dodge would be their “muscle” brand.

And with that, they’ve now given the big horsepower treatment to the Dodge SUV, the Durango.

Another novelty for 2021: Durango Hellcat. Sorry, he doesn’t have 797 horsepower; you’ll have to make do with “only” 710 horsepower, also from a supercharged V8.

But if you need to transport the family, Dodge claims it’s the most powerful production SUV ever.

Sure, that fire-breathing V8 has to move more weight, but all-wheel drive at least gives you a chance to put the power to the curb. And after you spat out the base price of $ 80,000, you’ll have to spit out a lot more for lots and lots of 91-octane gasoline, with EPA fuel economy estimates of 13 cities and 19 highways. On a practical level, it can tow up to 8,700 pounds, which allows it to meet these needs as well.

So if you think having a family and driving a muscle car don’t go hand in hand, Dodge says otherwise. With four doors … or four doors and six seats. And a lot of horses under each hood.

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