Do you remember the glassblower who was at Hampton Beach?


Hampton Beach had a glassblower

On the The Hampton Beach Friends Facebook page, there was an article someone did about a glassblower that people could watch making their art a long time ago on the boulevard in Hampton Beach. I remember seeing him as a child. Turns out his name was Pat Dee, according to

The artist created beautiful sculptures

I remember watching this guy for hours creating intricate works of art with glass. According to the newspaper article, Pat said he had to learn to paint with glass. If the glass cools too much it becomes impossible to work with, so he had to know exactly where he was going with each piece he placed.

The artist learned his trade as an apprentice

When Pat was 14, he learned his trade from a glassblower who had no sons to pass on his trade to.

Pat trained his nephew what he knew

The article goes on to say that Pat had two daughters who weren’t interested in glassblowing, so he taught his nephew Randy Bouchard from Newburyport. When I looked at Randy I ran into an obituary that can be his, although I cannot confirm it.

The shop was in Hampton for decades

The newspaper article was dated May 4, 1974 and in the article it says that Pat has owned the store for 21 years, so since 1953? Pat said he was on NBC’s calling list. Whenever they needed a glassblower, they called him. He claimed in the article that he was also on Steve Allen’s former show Tonight!

Glassblowing is really cool to watch

This video shows highly skilled glassblowers creating some truly amazing sculptures. Check it out:

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