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The other day the fast food giant celebrated its 67th birthday and for the big occasion we thought to remember the beginnings of its operation in Hungary and to show you the most beautiful McDonald’s in the world which is located in Budapest ! Read on to find out which one we’re talking about.

The very first McDonald’s opened in a small town near Chicago in 1955. The fast food icon changed the eating landscape for people all over the world in just a few decades. With the exception of some nations living in remote and isolated corners of the world, there is hardly anyone who has never heard of this international powerhouse or tried its burgers. But how did this American capitalist chain manage to break into the Hungarian market 33 years ago, before the change of regime?

The first McDonald’s in Hungary

Like Blikk informs us, it took 33 years and 14 days for the fast food giant to conquer Hungary after opening its first American store. The very first Hungarian McDonald’s opened its doors on rue Régiposta on April 29, 1988, before the end of the iron curtain. Hungarians waited in mile-long queues to finally taste American flavors. The store’s employers served 10,000 customers that day over a 14-hour period.

People could choose from 15 different items, the most expensive item on the menu was the Big Mac which cost 43 HUF (0.11 EUR) at the time.

Even Magyar Nemzet, a renowned Hungarian daily, mentioned the big day on its cover, adding that József Márjai, former Deputy Prime Minister and Jenő Váncsa Minister of Food and Agriculture, opened the store. Interestingly, the first employees were not Hungarians but foreign workers who had already acquired the necessary skills for the job.

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The most beautiful McDonald’s in the world

It didn’t take long for the fast food company to open many more stores around the country. In 1990, people could enjoy hamburgers and fries in three other places: in Győr, in the first Mcdrive in Óbuda and in the most beautiful McDonald’s in Eiffel Square. The store is located near Nyugati station and is distinguished by its antique lamps, wrought iron doors and light blue ceiling. The impressive building that houses the store was designed by the architectural firm of Gustave Eiffel.

The station was built between 1874 and 1877 and the old restaurant often hosted Empress Elisabeth of Austria, also known as Princess Sissy.

In 1966, Hungary had over 50 McDonald’s stores in the country. The 100th store opened in 2009 in Győr. Today, there are 90 stores in total, and half of them operate in the capital. What was once a once-in-a-lifetime experience in the 80s, grabbing a Big Mac on the way home is now an everyday thing. Plus, you can even order online if you fancy a guilty pleasure. Over the years, McDonald’s has received widespread criticism for the low wages they pay their employees, their environmentally polluting practices, and the cruelty with which they treat animals. Nevertheless, it seems that the fast food giant is invincible, people are still lining up in stores day after day for their favorite products.

McDonald’s Place Nyugati


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