Delhi man tricked for Rs 9 Cr over fake antiques, 2 detained


New Delhi: The Economic Crimes Wing of the Delhi Police has arrested two people for allegedly cheating a man out of almost Rs 9 crore on the pretext of providing ancient items with radioactive properties which can then be sold to US space agency NASA at a higher price.

The defendants were identified as Amit Gupta, 44, a resident of Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, and Ganesh Ingole, 44, a resident of Maharashtra.

Providing details of the case, Delhi Police (CP) Assistant Commissioner Chhaya Sharma said a case was filed on the complaint of victim Gautam Puri who alleged that the defendants – Amit Gupta and Rakesh Goel – had approached him regarding the sale of antiques. items which are, rice extractor, radioactive mirror and antique items and attracted him to do the same trade.

The defendant duo arranged the plaintiff’s meetings with other defendants – Ganesh Ingole, Satyanarain Anoria among others who even showed him his affiliation with various Indian and foreign scientific institutes and assured that they were legally authorized and certified to testify to the authenticity and authenticity of antique objects. .

“The defendants told the plaintiff that the authenticity of ancient artifacts can only be verified by scientists from BARC, DRDO and the Archaeological Laboratory, and that there are rules and regulations that must be followed in the process of verification of authenticity,” the Delhi Joint CP added.

On the assurance of the alleged persons that the market price of the antique items in the international market is Rs 11 crore per inch, the plaintiff was deluded that he would get an exponential profit in the deal, but initially he must incur expenses for testing antique items.

The victim was tricked into handing over cash to the tune of Rs nine crore by cheque, RTGS and cash to the alleged individuals – Amit Gupta, Ganesh Ingole, Rakesh Goel, Satyanarain Anoria among others but the latter did not carry out no testing.

The plaintiff alleged that the defendants, in a very calculated way, by conceiving a criminal conspiracy, caused him an unjustified loss of Rs 8.93 crore.

During the investigation, it was revealed that the defendants – Amit Gupta, Ganesh Ingole as well as other co-defendants collected the amount from the plaintiff under the pretext of testing the authenticity and authenticity of ancient objects for radioactive properties so that these can be sold to NASA and the World Meteorological Organization for research and development.

Defendant Amit Gupta was the kingpin of the alleged cheating racket and together with his co-defendant Rakesh Goel instigated the plaintiff to invest money. Defendant Ganesh Ingole had a degree in mechanical engineering and completed his project training at BARC for six months.

The defendants were also involved in eight other cases registered in different states. “Further investigation into the matter is ongoing,” the police official said.



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