Dame Barbara Windsor’s Carry On Camping bikini is auctioned off

The bikini worn by Dame Barbara Windsor in Carry On Camping sold for £ 9,500 at auction.

The swimsuit, worn by the late actress in a famous scene from the 1969 film, which showed her bikini top flying off in the middle of a workout, was expected to cost between £ 800 and £ 1,200.

The proceeds from the sale of the chartreuse cotton terry bikini will be donated by the seller to the Alzheimer Society in memory of Dame Barbara.

The bikini worn by Dame Barbara Windsor in Carry On Camping (Kerry Taylor Auctions)

The actress, known for her work in the films Carry On and EastEnders, died in December at the age of 83 after being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease in 2014.

An image of the scene in Carry On Camping was included in the order of service for his funeral, along with his quote: “This photo will follow me to the end.”

The item, which was sold to an American buyer after a bidding war between phone and online buyers, was part of Kerry Taylor Auction’s Vintage, Antique Textiles & Passion for Fashion sale.

Auctioneer Taylor said: “We’ve had so much interest in this bikini, from dedicated fans of the Carry On movies to people who just love Barbara Windsor. During her long career, she was renowned for her down-to-earth nature, great sense of humor, and superb acting ability.

“She was a real professional. It seems very fitting that a bikini that caused her so much embarrassment during the filming now goes to such a good cause, as Barbara herself unfortunately suffered from this disease.

Dame Barbara Windsor
Dame Barbara Windsor (Ian West / PA)

Dame Barbara’s husband Scott Mitchell said: “It is a touching tribute to Barbara to think that anything associated with this famous scene will raise funds to help people living with Alzheimer’s disease. I would say it was appropriate… but it flew away… so it wasn’t!

According to Kerry Taylor Auctions, the wardrobe department at Carry On Camping allegedly ordered duplicate bikinis for the film, but this is the only known example to have survived after being rescued from a trash can during the inventory liquidation. ‘a costume designer decades ago.

The remnants of the fishing line used to keep Dame Barbara’s bikini away in the risky scene can still be seen sewn into the front of the top, the auction house said.

Kate Lee, CEO of the Alzheimer Society, said: “Dame Barbara Windsor inspired so many when she spoke about her diagnosis of dementia and we are incredibly grateful to have had her and her husband Scott the unwavering support – what they have accomplished for people with dementia has been truly impressive.

“This bikini is an iconic item of an iconic woman.

“People with dementia have been hit hardest by the coronavirus and have never needed our help so much.

“Our support services like our Dementia Connect hotline have been used more than five million times since March 2020, and people tell us they have been a lifeline.

“It is fantastic that such an iconic object continues the legacy of Dame Barbara to support people with dementia, and we are touched by the generosity of the seller.”

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