Crawley’s new mural wouldn’t look out of place in Camden and people love it

Crawley town center has been bathed in vibrant color as new works of art line its walls.

The mural features large-scale flower arrangements that seek to brighten up and revitalize Crawley town center during winter.

Baker and Borowski, an artistic duo, are responsible for the artwork following a number of other similar successful projects across the country.

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This includes large screens similar to Brighton, Woking and different parts of London.

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This project was commissioned by Creative Crawley and Crawley Town Center BID and consists of large prints that are attached to the masonry using heat guns.

The artwork is part of a ‘graphic rewilding’ of the region and is expected to bring color and life to the sometimes dark and gray downtown area during the darker winter months.

A recent statement announced that the duo hope to bring “unexpected artistic eruptions into the everyday cityscape.”

“With these images, we hope to inspire and encourage people to connect a little more with nature,” they say.

“By removing these flowers from a natural context, the glorious shapes and colors of the flower heads in perspective with any context removed provide a complex, non-concrete energy, with one foot in abstract minimalism, the other in still life.”

The mural adorns the entire side wall outside of Marks and Spencer, Queensway, and is a mix of large, beautiful flowers and wild animals such as bees and butterflies.

The mural is a great print that is secured in place with heat guns
The mural is a great print that is secured in place with heat guns

Lee Baker, 51, is one half of the artistic duo and explains how the project came to life and why they decided to start the project in the first place.

He said: “I have been drawing these flowers for several years and Catherine just thought it would be great to see these flowers on the walls.

“We did a lot of big productions anyway and there were a few places we wanted to do it.

“It’s nice to be able to add some color to the place.”

Lee Baker (right) is one of the artists behind the mural
Lee Baker (right) is one of the artists behind the mural

Lee also notes that people have already started to notice the project and hopes it will continue to bring some positivity to the city.

He said: “I know Crawley has had a hard time lately so it’s good to be able to bring some color and some magic to the area.

“Everyone who walked past us was really glowing, it’s really great to see.”

Lee also explained why they opted for flowers and nature in their mural.

Mural seeks to bring nature to Crawley's cityscapes
Mural seeks to bring nature to Crawley’s cityscapes

“We just knew the audience would like it,” he said.

“It was a pretty safe option – people often think the murals are quite controversial and will divide opinions, but these flowers really brought people together and people really love them.

“We had something similar at Earls Court for Kensington and Chelsea Art Week and we did hundreds of yards of signs in Woking and Brent.

Artwork covers the entire wall alongside Marks and Spencer
Artwork covers the entire wall alongside Marks and Spencer

“It’s nice to see something now in Crawley.”

Lee said the artwork took about six months of planning and was an elaborate process for the duo.

However, it looks like the residents of Crawley are already complimenting the job and it seems like time well spent.

Jason Large is a huge fan of the new illustration
Jason Large is a huge fan of the new illustration

Jason Large, 55, had noticed the artwork and had stopped to glance past it.

“It’s definitely a good addition to the city,” he said.

“It should also be supported on more buildings, it helps to make the place a bit brighter.”

Jason also suggested that he doesn’t always care what is added to the city as long as it adds a bit of character.

He said: “I don’t always pay much attention to content, but as long as it’s shiny and doesn’t look messy, I’m happy.

“It’s a much better option than having all kinds of graffiti on the walls – I really like that.”

Shane Hill also welcomed the added color to the city
Shane Hill also welcomed the added color to the city

Shane Hill, 49, also responded positively to the new artwork and stopped to admire the work in progress.

“It’s very 70s and it’s very funky – I like it,” he said.

“I think it’s nice to see them put things like that around town.

“I like it a lot, as long as they don’t overdo it and start putting it all over every wall, but on some weird wall here and there it’s perfect – it looks really good on these walls. “

The response has been equally positive online as residents begin to respond to new artwork.

Members of the “Memories of Crawley” Facebook page responded with compliments such as “makes the drab wall so much more beautiful” and another describing it as “cheerful and colorful”.

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