Clifton Shaw elected mayor of Slaton in Saturday’s run-off election

On Saturday, two second-round elections were held in Slaton. The first was for the mayor of Slaton and the second for the special election, the town commissioner of Slaton, Ward 4.

The citizens of Slaton elected Clifton “Clif” Shaw as their new mayor. Shaw defeated John Gatica was previously a mayoral candidate at the end of 2019 to fill an unexpired term.

Shaw’s supporters particularly supported him in the early poll, where he held a 66.36% advantage over Gatica’s 33.64%. After all the votes were tallied on Saturday, Shaw finished with 61.92% of the vote (426 votes) and Gatica garnered 38.08% of the vote (262 votes).

During the special election of the commissioner of the city of Slaton, district 4, this second round must fulfill an unexpired mandate. Valarie Cubit defeated Frankie Cisneros by a total of 6 votes, 65-59. Cubit’s turnout on election day sealed the victory, with Cubit winning 26 votes on election day, compared to 18 for Cisneros.

Slaton’s ongoing transition with their municipal government will not end with the swearing-in of a new mayor later this month.

At present, the town of Slaton has a job posting on their website for the city administrator, with a note on the first round of interviews which will take place around June 21.

The Town of Slaton will accept nominations for the position of municipal administrator. The City is looking for a highly qualified and motivated person for the position.

Anyone interested should email [email protected] or call (806-828-2000) to speak to Mike Lamberson and receive a copy of the job requirements for this position. The Town of Slaton is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Hiring decisions are based solely on the qualifications, merits and needs of the City. The first round of interviews will take place on or around June 21, 2021.

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