The new restaurants and bars opening in Greater Manchester in April 2024 (2024)

We can officially say that Spring has begun, and whilst we might all still be in a post-Easter daze following an overindulgence in chocolate, as we emerge from the Bank Holiday weekend, there's plenty took look forward to.

Thanks to the aforementioned Easter treats, the idea of indulging in any more food and drink may feel a bit of stretch, but once you do have the appetite, you'll be glad to know that there's a strong cohort of new places opening their doors as we step into spring.

Cibo, the popular celeb-haunt with branches in Cheshire, finally opens its doors in the former Rosso site, and Popeyes, the hit fried chicken chain will launch its first drive-thru in Greater Manchester in the coming weeks. Elsewhere, there's a lot of activity over in Stockport with new listening bars on the Underbanks and a community-driven bar in Bredbury, plus the return of Ate Days A Week's award-winning pies, but in a different guise.

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The new restaurants and bars opening in Greater Manchester in April 2024 (1)

This April, the former Rosso site on King Street will be finally be re-opened by the team behind Cibo. The Italian restaurant firm known for its glitzy restaurants in Hale and Wilmslow took on the site last year after it was confirmed that Rosso would be closing after 14 years.

While Cibo initially hoped to open their first city centre site by November, the scale of the lavish £2m refurbishment plan has meant the opening has been pushed back slightly. Initial plans revealed by the brand involved stripping back the building to showcase more of its historic details as the former Lancashire and Yorkshire Bank.

Blackbird Brewhouse

The team behind Ate Days A Week and Notion bar have launched Blackbird Brewhouse and Kitchen over in Stockport. With an emphasis on 'top-notch' local and global craft and draught beers, co*cktails and comfort food, it's a welcome addition the the town's burgeoning food and drink scene.

As well as their award-winning pies and Sunday roasts, diners can expect a spread of bar snacks including brisket sliders and sticky chipolatas, as well as larger plates like the wild boar and beef frankfurter with mustard chutney, fish and chips and steak sandwich. Drink wise, it's celebration of local beers and a carefully curated co*cktails.

8 Vernon Street, SK1 1TY


The new restaurants and bars opening in Greater Manchester in April 2024 (2)

Last week, Popeyes, the American fried chicken chain behind the sandwich that went 'viral' online, confirmed when it will open its second Greater Manchester site. It will open its first drive-thru in the region on Bury New Road, bringing 80 new jobs to the local area.

Opening on April 24, plans include 72 seats indoors and 8 outside, a dual-ordering lanes, kerbside collection from specifically designated bays when you order online via the website and car park for customers who would like to eat inside the restaurant. As well as its much-loved sandwiches, expect breakfast rolls and muffins, Cajun hash browns and their famous Louisiana buttermilk biscuits.

Manchester Marriott Hotel Piccadilly

The new restaurants and bars opening in Greater Manchester in April 2024 (3)

An iconic Manchester hotel is set to become the city's 'largest' 4-star hotel as part of a multi-million-pound revamp. Located just a minute away from Piccadilly Station, the Manchester Marriott Hotel Piccadilly, formerly the Manchester Piccadilly Hotel, will reopen this April following the renovation project by hotel giants Marriott.

Spanning eight floors, the hotel will comprise 338 bedrooms, all of which have been designed with a nod to Manchester’s industrial and music heritage. The hotel’s Bistro-style restaurant will provide a casual service, whilst ground floor lounge and bar, The Great Room, will serve morning coffees, quick lunches and drinks into the evening.


The new restaurants and bars opening in Greater Manchester in April 2024 (4)

The transformation of Stockport's historic Underbanks continues with the arrival of Odioba, a listening bar from the now closed NAM in Ancoats. Taking up residence in the former Town Bar, and just opposite Robinson's Brewery, the 'audiophile, Hi-Fi-focused' venue will be offering coffee and tea by day, before dimming the lights for 'booze and beats' come nightfall.

Currently in a soft launch phase whilst they await the outcome of their full license application, opening hours may vary at the moment, but keep an eye on their socials for when they're open in the short term.

Lower Hillgate, Stockport SK1 1JE

Hampton and Vouis

The new restaurants and bars opening in Greater Manchester in April 2024 (5)

Independent brunch and coffee spot Hampton and Vouis is preparing to open its second Manchester store this month. After establishing its flagship just off Albert Square and impressing brunch-goers with its Mediterranean-inspired cuisine and delicious pastries, owners have taken the decision to open up in the Northern Quarter. More details to come, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

78-88 High Street, Manchester, M4 1ES

The Steelworks

The new restaurants and bars opening in Greater Manchester in April 2024 (6)

Opening just in time for the Bank Holiday weekend, Steelworks, a new community-driven bar has arrived in Bredbury in Stockport. Taking it's name from Bredbury Steelworks, Exors of James Mills ltd manufactured steel products for over 100 years and employed 2,000 people at its height, and the new bar will focus on locally brewed beers showcasing the best of Stockport's brewing scene.

As the concept is community focused, the owners already have lots of ideas for patrons including knit and natter, open mic, warm space, book club and meeting rooms too.

The Steelworks, Stockport, England, United Kingdom


Now that Onda, the pasta restaurant that soared to stardom last year after sharing a video of its 'tiramisu drawer', has found its own permanent home just off Oxford Road, there's a kitchen to fill at the New Cross that sits on the edge of Ancoats and the Northern Quarter.

The new residency kicks off on April 10, with Szechuan cuisine taking centre stage. Think bao buns and shaokao, a Chinese-style of BBQ that's bit heavier on spices and where snacks are served on skewers. The team behind MOREJOY says its best enjoyed 'with beers and friends' and is inspired by the popular Shaokao joints of Sichuan.

There will also be a big launch party at The New Cross on April 20, so keep your eyes peeled on their social media channels for more details in the coming weeks.

6 Cross Keys St, Manchester M4 5ET

The new restaurants and bars opening in Greater Manchester in April 2024 (2024)


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