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July 7th, 2024

Decatur Riverside Center
231 E Monroe Street Decatur Indiana 46733

Inside 95 Tables (2 Rooms) - Air Conditioned - Food - Nice Restrooms
Free Admission and Free Parking - Existing more than 61 years

TWO Rooms of Vendors Inside, New Vendors every month Outside vendors welcome Year - Round
YouTube Channel:

Stop by the Market table in the East Room for your FREE copy of the “GreySheet” coin listing and price guide. It may pay you to check your “spare change”.

Dogs are not allowed – with the exception Compliant Tagged, Vested, Licensed Support Dogs with papers.

Food Served 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Coin Dealers:

Jim and Mary “Solly’s Coins” Waynedale Fort Wayne, Indiana Tables 15, 16, 17 (Jewelry too) East Room

Larry T, LL Coins, Gas City, Indiana– Tables 20, 21, 22 East Room

We Buy Gold Fort Wayne, Indiana- 3 Tables East Room Tables 25, 26 East Room

Jim & Melissa Brown – East Room Tables 22, 23 (Their Last Market)

Clarksville Tennessee Coins Tables6, 7, 8, 9, 10 West Wall West “Small Room” US and Foreign Coins

Jerry Williams Fort Wayne Table 67 East Room

Bob Sanders _ World Products – Defiance Ohio East Room Tables 68, 69, 70, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75

Keith Stroud, Bluffton Indiana Table 2, East Room

Outside Vendors: Keith V – Chain Saw Accessories, Leaf Blowers Lawnmower, T-Shirts, Set of Cargo Wheel Tie Dows for Trailer, Clean Pans, Cast Iron Accessories, Gas Cans Video Games and some Legos

Inside Vendors

TM Deals 3 Tables CHRISTMAS IN JULY SALE Tom & Matt – True Vintage – Toys – Games – Figures – Mobile Toys East Room 39, 40, 41

Becky Toys, Games, Collectibles East Room Tables 76, 77

Rich, Guy Stuff, Collectibles, Vintage Toys, Tables 78, 79 East Room

Paula Vintage - Toys 31 Bags, Longenberger baskets, Other Vintage and collectibles East Room Tables 48, 49, 50

Chris & Stephanie – Comic Con – Action Figures – Smalls Collectibles West Room tables 1 & 2

Summit City Customizations T-Shirts, Cups, key chains, Towels Table 60East Room

Chris - West Room tables 16, 17, 18 Comic -Con, Sport Cards

Custom Wood Engraving & Antiques East Room Table 6

Ernst – Tables 7, 10, 11, 12 East Room Vintage, Collectibles Coins

Nancy M – Plants Table 66 East Room

Emily – Leaf Guard West Room table 13

Anderson Windows Renewal by Anderson – East Room Table 51

Melodie – Crafts & Collectibles Tables 23, 24

Anmar – Vitamins & Supplements Table 22 West Room

Heather & Madison – West Room Tables 20, 21 Estate Jewelry, glass ware, collectibles

Jacob - West Room tables 9, 10 - Collectible vinyl figures and bobble heads of all of your favorite characters from Marvel, DC, Star Wars, Disney, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Star Trek, and Game of Thrones, TV, movies, animation, books, games and hard to find figures, Many Collectibles

Eric G - T-Shirts, Hats, Shoes, and more Tables 58, 59 East Room

Eric “Men’s Mart” – Comic Con, Toys, Action Figures West Room Tables 3, 3, 4, 5

Jeff - DVD's Country T-Shirts, Vera Bradley, CD’s Tables 61, 62, 63 East Room

Dave – 3 tables 54, 55, 56 East Room Metal Signs, Harley items, antiques, vintage toys

Jani -Table 57 East Room Jewelry

Darcy – Beetle Pens West Room table 26

Carol – Hand Made, Sewn & Crochet Items West Room Table 27

Gary – Antique Clocks, Clock Repair, Rare Pocket Watches, East Room Table 5

Tom – Artist East Room Tables 3, 4

Mr. Wilson – West Room table 19, DVD’s Games, & toys

Doreen – Fine Jewelry Rings, Pendants, Crystals, East Room (3 tables 32, 33, 47)

Carla –Medicare Plans, Elder Safe Solutions, Table 28 East Room

Jordan – Sculpture artist 3-D Printed Tables 64, 65 East Room

Brenda East Room 45 - Christian T-Shirts & Trinkets – Books

Jim Z – Comic-Con, Star Wars, Pokey Mon, Smalls, Action Figures – East Room Tables 30, 31

Kim – East Room – Many vintage, utilitarian, kitchen, and other useful items East Room Table 40

Charlie – Décor and garden Art East Room East Room tables 9, 10

Mike Sports Cards Table 19, West Room

Karen - Engraving & Hand Made Jewelry East Room Tables 43 & 44

Dave - East Room Tables 13 and 14 – Sports Magnets and Banners

Jackie – East Room – Handmade Jewelry Tables 52 & 53

George & Estella – West room 14, 15 Vintage & Antique Glass Bottles, Christmas Decorations

Linda – East Room $10.00 and Under Items – Shop early before the bargains are gone Table 37

Scott - Records, Randon Musical items, Instruments, Electronics - East Room Tables 35, 36

Julie - Vintage Porcelain, glass, Records, CD's Cassettes East Room Table 29

Marian - Post Cards, Antiques, Year Books, Antique & Vintage Jewelry Tables 46, 34 East Room

New vendors are always welcome. We are always seeking Entrepreneur, Dealers, Businesses, and Vendors that "Want to Sell" at a 1-Day monthly market with an investment of as little as $20.00. Event is Advertised, and 6-hours of sell time with up to 2-hours of set up at a 62-year established market. Pop-Up Canopies are highly encouraged for outside vendors as they have a professional appearance and protect against wind, and sun. We keep vendor information private. Inside vendors are year-round. Vendors enter from Jackson Street's back entrance. Inside vendors do not get in line – they have designated parking on the east side of the building. Outside vendors line up prior to 6:00 AM in the grass area behind the back entrance into the Riverside Lot. Outside vendors are brought into the Riverside lot to set up starting at 6:00 AM. We are located at 231 E. Monroe Street, Decatur, Indiana 46733. No solicitors are allowed, only our paying vendors may sell or advertise items. We have specific vendor rules. A signed contract is required prior to set up. Please visit for a copy of our Vendor Contract.

FREE Admission and Visitor – Shopper Parking is in the grass area behind the Riverside Center (Pickleball Courts) to the north of Jackson Street. The ALTERNATIVE if Grass is too wet: Please use the open lot space on the West side of the river.

We have breakfast items and lunch items. Butch Starts cooking for Breakfast items early. You can just come and have a bite to eat or order a box to go. There are always interesting items to view and buy at our market. Many NEW Vendors Sunday! The show time is from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM. We strive to make your visit fun and memorable. We are a family friendly market. The first Sunday of each month event has been known throughout Indiana and neighboring states, for more than 62 years.

For a Diagram of each room (East or West) go to: Click on each room for the table assignments.

Event: 1st Sunday of the Month (Note: if Easter is 1st Sunday then: Market is 2nd Sunday)

Vendors come from South Michigan, Central and North Indiana, Northwest and West Central Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee

Costs are $20.00 per table - 2 table set is $35.00 and a3 table set is $55.00.

Outside setup will be the length of your vehicle. 1 vehicle $20.00, 2 vehicle (Truck and Trailer) $35.00, 3 Spots $55.00 a 10 X 10 pop-up tent is recommended.

Inside spots are paid in advance. All Perm vendors pay a month in advance day of show. New & temporary vendors, go to table pictures at bottom of home page: Click on the number of tables assigned to you click and pay Credit/Debit Card. Or pay through PayPal. If you book, then don't pay you are still responsible for the fee to hold/reserve the tables assigned to you. We have a list of people trying to get in that would have filled any table left empty.

PayPal instructions at bottom of

Inside has TWO ROOMS of Dealers consisting of 95 tables.

A one-time contract is required prior to set-up, no later than your 1st Market day. Our contract can be found on on the vendors rules and contract. Read, Print, fill out, and sign.
We do have copies if you cannot print out the contract.

Setup time outside and inside vendors
6:00 am to 8:00 am

Event Hours
8:00 am to 2:00 pm Inclusive - leaving early is not allowed.

Concession hours
6:00 am to 2:00 pm

While in Decatur visit Yvonne Marie’s Antique Mall, the Sculptures on the Riverside Center Grounds, and the NEW Sculptures located through Downtown Decatur. You can walk or bike our Decatur River Green-way trail that has a trailhead across from the Riverside Center. There is a Nature Preserve behind the strip plaza across from the Riverside Center on Highway 224 to visit also. Make Decatur a Destination on our Decatur Coin Show and Marketplace days.

Monthly Decatur Flea Market & Coin Show - events - craigslist (2024)


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