Originator of Naples, Luigia Sorrentino is poet and journalist. 


They are also a journalist whose conduct has been influenced by personalized interviews, such as Nobel Prize Orhan Pamuk, Derek Walcott and Seamus Heaney. Producteur de programs culturels radiophoniques, elle anime sur Rai Radio Uno émission Notti d’autore, «viaggio dans la vita et dans le opere dei protagonisti di nostro tempo».

Poet, he published a number of poetic books: There is a father (Manni, Lecce, 2003); The cathedral (Il ragazzo innocuo, Milano, 2008); L’assere del cuore (in Almanacco dello specchio, Mondadori, Milano, 2008); The birth, only the birth (Manni, Lecce, 2009).

She recently published, at the Editions Interlinea in Novare, collecting poetic Olimpia, predicted by Milo De Angelis and postfaced by Mario Benedetti. Given the preface to the listening, Milo De Angelis emphasizes the importance of the book that touches the essentiel, “addresses deeply the great questions of the origin and death, of the human is sacred, of Notre rentre with the millenniae. »From the poet Luigia Sorrentino, the souligne le regard visionnaire: a« broad, prospective, perspective of ail. »But also their” impersonal immersions in the flame of verse. »[…]

 Originally from Naples, Luigia Sorrentino and a poet and journalist. His work has been given to the journalist by interviewing illustrious people, such as the Nobel Prize Orhan Pamuk, Derek Walcott and Seamus Heaney, and the production of radio programs on his radio Radio Uno come “Autumn Night, Viaggio Nella Vita e Opere dei Protagonisti del our time “.

Poet, he has published several poetic stories: C’e un padre (Manni, Lecce, 2003) La catedral (The innocuous ragazzo, Milano, 2008) Assumi del cuore (in Almanacco dello Specchio, Mondadori, Milano, 2008) La Nascita, solo la Nascita (Manni, Lecce, 2009).

He has recently published the Novi Interlinea edition, the Olimpia poetic record , the preface by Milo De Angelis and Mario Benedetti post. In his preface to the book, Milo De Angelis evidences the importance of the “raccolta” which “deepens the great questions of the life and death, of the sacred and dell’umano, of our encounter with the millennium.” Of the poet Luigia Sorrentino, underlines the visionary defender : “Great, prospective, at the eagle’s flight. «Come and suoi tuffi iimprovvisi in the flame of the verse. Angèle Paoli