“Conversations on Olimpia” by Luigia Sorrentino

Thursday 6 June 2013 at 6:00 pm at the Libreria Claudiana by Samuele Bernardini, in Via Francesco Sforza 16 / A, Milan .

Introducing the “Conversations”, Chiara De Luca, Tommaso Di Dio and Fabrizio Fantoni, with: Nadia Agustoni, Mario Benedetti, Franco Buffoni, Luisa Cozzi, Milo De Angelis, Mario De Santis, Gabriela Fantato, Alessandra Frison, Vivian Lamarque, Franco Loi , Guido Oldani, Francesco Naples, Viviana Nicodemus, Giancarlo Pontiggia, Mariapia Quintavalla, Luciano Ragozzino, Ottavio Rossani, Isabella Vincentini, Nicola Vitale, Angela Urbano, Maria Di Lucia and many others .
Readings from Olimpia di Luigia Sorrentino.



Luigia Sorrentino was born in Naples. Professional journalist, lives in Rome and works in Rai. For several years he has been actively collaborating in Rai News 24’s cultural and television programs, making interviews with Italian and foreign authors of international caliber. She is currently the creator and host of programs for Rai Radio Uno, including the weekly “Notti d’autore, a journey into life and the works of the protagonists of our time”. Care for the site of Rai News 24 Poesia, by Luigia Sorrentino ( http://poesia.blog.rainews.it ), Rai’s first blog of poetry designed by her. He published the collections of poetry: There is a father (Manni, Lecce 2003), La cattedrale (The innocuous boy, Milan 2008), The axis of the heart (Almanac of the mirror, Mondadori, Milan 2008), Birth, only the birth (Manni, Lecce 2009).

“Writing Olimpia, Luigia Sorrentino writes the book of her life. Olimpia aims at the essence, deeply touches the great questions of origin and death, of the human and the sacred, of our encounter with the millennia. It has a long-sighted look: broad, perspective, eagle-like gaze. But he also has sudden thrusts in the flame of the verse. «Our gaze entered into his / infinitely deadly being». And the intertwining between the infinite and the deadly is one of the central reasons for this journey. Initiation path: we start from the cave of birth to reach full exposure of ourselves in the forces of the world, as a “young mountain in the midst of the unknown”. And in the end it comes back. “(Milo De Angelis)

“The poem by Luigia Sorrentino is centered on the city of Olympia: an ancient and new city, lived in the passing of time but in a non-unidirectional way, a city moved and not solid one could say, a journey especially in dying: but the writing plan and of the required reading appears that established by a contemplative conscience as the last stage of consciousness, the gaze on things takes place from a distance, taking up the phrase of Romano Guardini, in which “man lives outside of himself […] in another great life “, as Hölderlin writes, author of essential reference here” (Mario Benedetti)