A debt loan to repay

Let’s be honest: a person in debt does not have any chances for a loan at the Bank. Negative credit history in BIK (or BIG) will effectively prevent it.

At the disposal of such a person there are loans for people with a negative credit history, the most of which will get in Profi Credit – up to PLN 25,000 and Rapida Money – also up to PLN 25,000. However, even such an amount often prevents the Debtor from standing up and repaying the bailiff / other liabilities. People looking for smaller amounts most often choose Feniko.pl – 1000 PLN for 4 installments.

A debt loan comes to help. Immediately, important information – it is a mortgage loan, which is secured by real estate.

Credit debt

Credit debt

  • Loan up to 70% of the property value
  • For people with negative BIK, court bailiff, debt collection
  • A loan to pay back outstanding liabilities
  • No initial fees
  • For people around the country

Who can apply for a loan?

The condition to receive a loan is to have real estate and a fixed income. What is important – the co-borrower may be the owner of the property, that is, any person who joins the contract.

How to get a debt loan

1. Filling out the application. It is enough to indicate the basic data. The number of the land and mortgage register can be supplemented at a later date.

2. Meeting with a consultant. The visit takes place in a place indicated by the client. There is a possibility of direct access.

3. Submitting a credit application in SKOK.

4. Payment of direct money at the SKOK headquarters.

Loan in SKOK is serviced by the Meritum Debt Center. After several months of regular repayment, it is possible to transfer a debt loan to the Bank offering a lower interest rate. How is this possible ? If we pay back the loan in SKOK without any delay, the credit history in BIK automatically improves. Thus, the Customer is again credible for the Banks!



If we are unable to identify the real estate constituting the collateral, we can choose other loans:

Money – new

  • A loan up to PLN 25,000
  • Repayment up to 4 years
  • For indebted and unemployed people
  • The cheapest loan for the indebted
  • One guarantee is required

Profi Credit – without any security

  • A loan up to PLN 25,000
  • Repayment up to 3 years
  • Application and decision by phone
  • Minimal formalities
  • No additional security